iHome iP1 Studio Series Audio System for iPhone/iPod Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2011-03-03

The iP1 Sound System with iPhone/iPod dock from iHome sports a very modern look and comes with enough power for most home users; the Bongiovi DPS sound enhancement is also present on this unit like it was on the iP49, along with an extra set of speaker faces, Component Video output and Line-in jack for using it with different external sound sources, without the need to have an iPhone/iPod plugged in at that time.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The iP1 audio system for iPhone/iPod from iHome is shipped inside a large, but cool looking cardboard box; on the frontal side we can see a photo of the product in operation, with a docked iPhone:




The logos that are shown tell us that the product is compatible with all iPod/iPhone models and the fact that this device has won the iLounge.com “iPod+iPhone Speaker of the Year 2009 Award”:




On the bottom left corner, we get to see another logo that tells us this product comes with Bongiovi DPS Acoustics:




On the opposite side we get some of the main product features explained, in multiple languages:




Because of its size, the box is provided with a handle, so we can carry it around with ease:




On both sides, the box is fully sealed with a plastic film:




After unsealing the box, we can find inside another foam protective enclosure with some instructions on how to open it:




On top of the foam box, we can find some of the documentation, inside a transparent plastic bag:




After the removal of the top, we will reveal the main product, along with a medium-sized box which holds the accessories:




The iP1 comes with the following bundle:


- an extra set of speaker faces

- product documentation

- the remote control

- the black box with the power adapter



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