Bitfenix Survivor Core Midi tower case review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-02-25

Caseking send us another mid-tower sized case to have a look at. Today's star is the Bitfenix Survivor Core case. At first glance it might look a bit dull and simplistic, but the Survivor Core case's looks can deceive. On the inside is where the real fun is at ! In the mood for something different ? Something more spacey looking ? Tired of square or rectangular angled cases ? This one is made for you then...

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It's the details that count !

Time to mount our test gear into the Survivor Core case. It comprises off the following parts :


Asus Crosshair IV motherboard

Asus 5870 ATI videocard

Corsair Sandforce F60 SSD

NEC 16X Optical DVD drive

BeQuiet Systempower 600W PSU


We specially chose the latter PSU , as it is non modular. So decent cable management is a requirement for a clean build. Let's start off with the fotoshoot. Almost the full gear mounted. Why almost ? Look closer , we had to pick the ASUS ATI 6850 GPU, to fit in. Our 5870 card came against the upper HD tray. No space there. In case you have such a long card or even longer, alike the 5970 model, you can always opt to remove the upper HD tray. Compromising 3 HD trays.





When the HD tray is removed, there's more than plenty of space. On the right a close up of the 6850 card with only a few cm to spare. A real touch of class are the rear plates. Normally we find solid versions here , though Bitfenix has got these nice crafted honeycomb versions.





The Rear fan is optional, but any 80 to 120mm model will fit. Two big round holes for your waterloop hoses and another one for the fans power cables are precut. The PSU rests on rubber feet to reduce vibrations. If you look closely you can spot the removable dust filter below te PSU. Below is the dustfiler and they it slides, so you can cleanit easily.




For the cable management, Bitfenix did an amasing job here. There are literally holes everywhere. Close to the PSU, just on the right hand side of the motherboard and even on top of the motherboard ( for your 8 pin mobo cable ). Power supplies up to 28 cm lenght are supported. My Enermax Galaxy 1Kw DXX and Corsair HX1000 slide in perfectly.




The cutout just above the PSU allows tyou to neatly route the cables for the Audio part and if needed USB and Firewire connectors. The view from the rear ; yes i know it looks messy. But this result was achieved in a mere 5 minutes. This case design is built around cable management and it quickly pays off !



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