Exceleram EP3001A PC3-10666 2x2GB Memory Review

Memory by stefan @ 2011-03-02

The new EP3001A memory modules from Exceleram are using Powerchip Rev D 128x8 and even if the rating is PC3-10666, they are very overclockable and come at a very affordable price. 

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At first I would like to thank Exceleram for offering me two samples of the EP3001A PC3-10666 memory modules for reviewing.


About Exceleram:

"The brand Exceleram is a division of Topower Logistic GmbH, which resides in beautiful palatine Landau, Germany. Exceleram specializes in main memory und flashproducts like SSDs and USB sticks.

Exceleram was established by a taiwanese producer as a new label in October 2007 to capture the market with constant high quality and low pricings In July 2008 it was taken over by another memory brand to offer low price memory of prime quality.

In October 2010 Exceleram became independent and was introduced on the german market to become quite successful.

The slogan „assembled in Germany“ exports the high quality.

To consistendly guarantee customers this high quality standards, Exceleram memory is subjected to stringent german quality controls.

The Exceleram team has many years of experience to guarantee memory overclocking potential as well as high compatibility with all common/current mainboards.

The young flexible team in Germany works highly motivated and relies not only on high quality but primarily on uncomplicated service and direct, long-standing contact with their customers as well as their producers in Taiwan.

No customer will feel abandoned at Exceleram, arising problems or questions will be answered immediately by our support in Germany."

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