Gskill RipjawsX 4GB 17000 CL9D-4GBXMD Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2011-02-25

Gskill introduced their magical Flare ram kit at the same time as the release of AMD's Hexacore Thuban CPU. By using PSC ICs, better known as powerchips, achieving new ram speed heights on the AMD 890 platform. On the AMD front it has been quite calm lately, though Intel launched their new "ahum" mainstream Sandy Bridge CPU early this year. With a bucketload of available brand new ram dividers on the P67 motherboards, you can squeeze every drop of performance out this platform. When exploring the Sandy architecture we noticed a sweetspot of price/performance around the 1600mhz ram speed mark. Though for the enthousiasts every Mhz counts. Today we test the brand new 4gb 2133Mhz CL9 kit.  Quite an interesting kit as it's not the high end CL 7 kit, and thus less pricey. Though could we achieve similar speeds ?

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Our test kit

To be honest I was hoping Gskill would have send me their highest specced kit, but to my surprise it was their mainstream 2133Mhz CL 9 kit. Designed to run at a mere 1.5volts on the Sandy Bridge platform. First some pictures to show of the new refined heatsink design.



Manufactured in January 2011, the new ram kits receive a brand new shiny Gskill logo. Who would have thought a while back, we would be able to run at 2133Mhz at only 1.5 volts ?

Let's pop them open and see what chips are used


Surprise surprise, Powerchips :)


Gskill doesn't spend a lot of money on the box, which is quite a good strategy to cut costs. It protects the rams and cooler well. No fuzz required here.



With our kit we got Gskills turbulence II fan, still using the 4 pin Molex connector as before. Would be nice Gskill engineers to have a connector to hook up straight to the motherboard.




Nice blue LED fan action and the fans are pretty silent in operation.


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