Coolermaster & Corsair 700-750W 80+ Gold PSU Shoot-out

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2011-03-14

Have you just put together your brand new gaming monster but are you still missing the equivalent strong power supply to match it. In this article we're putting the Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 700W power supply unit against Corsairs Professional Series Gold AX750. Two quality build 80+ Gold power supplies in the ~700W market segment, did we get double Gold?

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Both power supply's compared

thumb specs corsair thumb specs cm


The following few pages we'll be focusing on what both PSU's have or have not in common. We'll be checking out the connectivity, efficiency and see how the PSU's handles a real-life load, but before we do that let us first compare the specifications...



Specifications compared




Both power supplies come with a single 12v rail design which in both occasions can put out around 60 Amps. The Corsair AX750 allows for the most output power, mostly because it comes with a tad stronger 12V line. Coolermaster's unit on its turn can have the most combined 3.3 & 5V power, on a relative perspective I guess it's safe to say both PSU's or made for the same purpose, if that extra 50W continuous power is of your concern then maybe you wanna look out for something stronger just to have that little more headroom.



Cables Explored


coolermaster sp700 cables corsair ax750 cables
Left: Coolermaster SPG700 modular cables, right: Corsair AX750 modular cables


Compared with CM's SPG700 the Corsair unit comes quite some more modular cables, atleast that's how it seems on first sight: don't forget that CM's PSU comes with some connectors already hard connected to the PSU.




Main connectors like 24 pin ATX support, 4+4 CPU power plug and 6+2 PCIe power connectors are found for both models, and connectivity isn't scarce for either of them. The 4x molex connectors with Coolermasters PSU's is a bit on the low side for a high end device, floppy and SATA connectivity is good though. The Corsair AX750 offers the most connectivity of the two, with 12x SATA, 8x Molex and even 2x Floppy you're actually having it quite luxurious.


cable length


When comparing the length of the modular cables we notice the biggest differences between PCIe, molex, floppy and SATA cables. Where Coolermaster comes with the longest PCIe cables, Corsair makes it possible to even hook up SATA/Floppy/other peripheral hardware that might not even be inside your housing, some of their wires measure nearly one meter long!



Let's move on to electrical testing these units.

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