Coolermaster & Corsair 700-750W 80+ Gold PSU Shoot-out

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2011-03-14

Have you just put together your brand new gaming monster but are you still missing the equivalent strong power supply to match it. In this article we're putting the Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 700W power supply unit against Corsairs Professional Series Gold AX750. Two quality build 80+ Gold power supplies in the ~700W market segment, did we get double Gold?

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Corsair Professional Series Gold AX750



Corsairs box focusses on the multiple modular plugs that are found on this PSU. Furthermore you can find the 7-years warranty logo and small 80+ Gold logo on the side and specs+info on the back side.



Inside the box


inside the box


- AC power cord

- DC power cords

- User Manual

- Corsair Professional Series Gold AX750 power supply

- Cable bag

- Power supply bag

- Tie-wraps

- 4 x mounting thumbscrews


Close-up shots




Corsairs AX750 is dark grey/black color and measures 150x160x86mm. It also comes with a modular design but with none of the cables internally vastened. External design of both Corsair AX750 and Coolermasters SPG700 is kinda likewise, except for the black fan mesh maybe. For cooling, Corsair uses a Sanyo Denki San Ace 120 9S1212F404 12V fan which is also used in other AX series PSU's. This fan is able to push roughly 70CFM at 2200rpm.






Inside view




Internally the AX750 differs greatly from the CM SPG700. High side filtering is being done with Nippon Chemi-Con 390uF and 330uF capacitors where the low side filtering is being done by a combination of traditional elco's and smaller aluminum capacitors. As you probable could have seen already there is only a minimal amount of heatsinks added, some of these go directly to the printed circuit board. Much of the low isde filtering and switching is done on a vertical PCB right next to the modular pluggs.

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