Coolermaster & Corsair 700-750W 80+ Gold PSU Shoot-out

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2011-03-14

Have you just put together your brand new gaming monster but are you still missing the equivalent strong power supply to match it. In this article we're putting the Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 700W power supply unit against Corsairs Professional Series Gold AX750. Two quality build 80+ Gold power supplies in the ~700W market segment, did we get double Gold?

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Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 700W



The power supply comes in a gold colored box with on front the 80+ Gold label in big just to make sure you didn't look over it. More labels like 5 years warranty and NVIDIA SLI Ready are found on both sides as well, the back side of the box is covered with specs and some info the patented technology that is being used.


Inside the box


inside the box


- AC power cord

- DC power cords

- User Manual

- Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 700W power supply

- Cable bag

- 4 x mounting screws



Close-up shots




The SPG 700W comes in a dark grey color and measures roughly 150x160x86 mm. The power supply is of the modular type with the 24-pin ATX cable, 2x4pin EPS cable and 8pin PCIe cable hooked up internal. For cooling the internals Coolermaster uses a Young Lin Tech DC 12V fan, model DFB122512M. It's a 120mm fan which produces 70~85 CFM at 2000rpm ie. when the duty cycle is at 100%. PWM is normally supported by this fan, Coolermaster however doesn't use, it alters the fan voltage whenever more or less cooling is required.






Inside view




The inside view shows us a quite complex PSU design. The high side uses 2 x Matsushita Panasonic 270uF 420V elco's where a combination of dry and wet capacitors is found on the low side of the psu. To increase efficiency Coolermaster uses what they call Hyper Path. With this technology the high side switching transistor is directly connected to the main transformer, this reduces energy loss. Transistor used is made by Infineon, the 041N04N model is a N-channel MOSFET good for 80A, you get 2 of these.


They've also added heatsink cooling to the main transformer and this to further stretch the efficiency of it to the maximum. The patented L-shaped heatsinks are also found on other components and take away most of the daylight. You may also spot multiple upwards pcb's where low side rectifying and filtering is being done.

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