iHome iP41 Rotating Alarm Clock for iPhone & iPod Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2011-02-07

The iP41 Rotating Alarm Clock for iPhone & iPod from iHome comes with an unique feature: the ability to flip the device in case we want to watch movies or clips and the LCD display adapts to the orientation of the device. When the internal backup battery is installed, it can retain the time settings when power outages occur.

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A Closer Look Part 2

The inserts are a total of 3, the same models that we could find with the iP49 model, previously reviewed:




To test the device, an Iphone 3GS will be used, so we will insert the one for Iphone 3G:




The backup battery is a CR2032, sealed in a small plastic bag, to avoid accidental discharges; this battery model is very known to be used on PC motherboards (to retain the CMOS info and clock), or PS3 systems, to remember the clock and date:




The power adapter is rated on output 10V, 1400mA:





Here is how the power adapter does look with the plug inserted:




The product itself has a very nice and clean look; on the left we can find the small speaker with the circular LCD display, and on the right there is the location where we can insert our Apple device:




On the right side of the speaker, we can find the location where we must insert the previously described spacer:





Near the dock connector, we can also find a small Sleep button, and a Snooze/Dimmer. The Sleep button enables the sleep mode, which can be set for 90, 60, 30 or 15 minutes; these are the number of minutes we can set to leave the device on till it will shut down automatically. The Snooze/Dimmer can be pressed when the alarm sounds; the alarm will be silenced and comes on again after 9 more minutes; the Dimmer function can be accessed when the alarm does not sound and with it we can adjust the brightness of the LCD backlight:




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