iHome iP41 Rotating Alarm Clock for iPhone & iPod Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2011-02-07

The iP41 Rotating Alarm Clock for iPhone & iPod from iHome comes with an unique feature: the ability to flip the device in case we want to watch movies or clips and the LCD display adapts to the orientation of the device. When the internal backup battery is installed, it can retain the time settings when power outages occur.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The iP41 Alarm Clock from iHome is shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard box, which shows on the front side a photo of the product in operation, along with it flipped to show its unique feature, and on the bottom, we are informed that the product is compatible with both Iphones and Ipods:




On one of the box sides, we are described some of the product features, in multiple languages:




On the back side, we get some more explanations regarding the product main highlights:




Inside the box, the product is further packed, along with the rest of its accessories:





All documentation is located inside a small transparent bag, along with the power adapter and its different plugs (so we can use it on different locations around the world), the inserts for different types of Ipod/Iphone models:




In the documentation, we can find out how to mount the devices, some troubleshooting information, the small backup battery, multiple User Manuals for different languages, and some spacers. On the manufacturer website, you may find out that this product should have a remote bundled, but my sample did not come with one:




In a small bag we can find the spacers, with a small rubber band; because we will use an Iphone 3GS, the manufacturer instructs us to use the smaller plastic spacer, without the rubber band attached. These spacers help when we sit the device horizontally, to watch videos:





In the User Manual, we are shown how to operate its device, from turning it on to troubleshooting information:




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