Coolermaster USNA 95 laptop/mp3 charger tested in PSU test-lab

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2011-03-07

Laptops are now more then ever being used for everyday tasks and even some gaming, it does not take a fool to understand that this growing market also brings along a higher desire for aftermarket battery chargers/laptop power adapters. Today we're having a look at Coolermasters latest offering, the USNA 95, and have it tested inside the PSU test-labs in Venlo

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Conclusive Thoughts

The USNA 95 is a compact laptop adapter/charger build for 19V notebooks. As extra to charging portables, it can also charge your MP3/Mobile Phone/... USB device through an additional USB port. It can feed up to 4,74 Amps constantly while the USB charger can have 1A, together this is good for 95W combined charging power. The positive side of this device is the 2-in-1 solution: you not only have a compact laptop charger, you no longer will have to carry an extra USB charger when going on a travel.

Coolermaster also equips you with multiple tips so to make it compatible with a wide range of laptops and portables. And while this makes the USNA 95 a strong competitor for the casual laptop adapter which came with your portable, it is not the perfect replacement. The volt line is not adjustable so it won't be compatible with every portable out there, neither are the power tips reversible in plugging-in (although for some people this actually is a good thing).

Output power is good at 95W, but not good enough to cover every portable out there so better check this in advance! Price wise it doesn't really top out above other laptop chargers either, at roughly € 50 there are cheaper units to be found which offer the same output power/compatibility.



To sum it up in a few words, this is what the USNA 95 is about:

- Compact & slim design
- Universal plugs, high compatibility
- 2-1 solution: USB + laptop charger

And here is what you might think over twice:

- Price: € 50
- Output power limited to 95W

If your current laptop charger has had it and you're looking for a replacement, know Coolermaster has this handy device in their product range. The USNA95 is a decent all-round product which is compatible with many portables which hit the market nowadays. It also support USB charging an all tat in one compact housing. If you're not too picky about the price and if the required output power does match that of the USNA 95, this device might be you next laptop adapter. Before I let you go I'd like to thank Coolermaster for sending me this review sample, until next time, cheers!

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