Victorinox SwissFlash Laser 2GB Pocket Knife with Laser (4.6027.TG2) Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2011-02-07

The SwissFlash Laser 2GB Pocket Knife with Laser from Victorinox is a product which comes in handy in many activities, and it also incorporates a retractable ball point pen, along with a laser pointer and an USB 2.0 flash drive (with the ability to write protect) to store our important documents on it.

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A Closer Look Continued

When opened, the pocket knife can reveal the blade, a nail file with screwdriver, scissors and a key ring:




On one of the laterals we can also find a small plastic sliding part, which can be used to reveal the pressurized ballpoint pen:






The USB Flash drive inside has a transparent plastic casing, so all the electronic components inside get to be revealed; on one of its sides, we can find the Victorinox logo, along with the total drive capacity. The USB connector is golden, to get the best possible contact with the USB port:




The opposite side reveals the memory chip:




The flash drive lock/unlock switch can be found on one of its sides:




If the flash drive is in read/write (normal) mode, the activity LED will light up red:




When we switch in the read only mode, the activity LED will turn green:




By pressing the top logo, we can operate the laser (it is very important not to look straight into the beam because it may damage your eyes):




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