Victorinox SwissFlash Laser 2GB Pocket Knife with Laser (4.6027.TG2) Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2011-02-07

The SwissFlash Laser 2GB Pocket Knife with Laser from Victorinox is a product which comes in handy in many activities, and it also incorporates a retractable ball point pen, along with a laser pointer and an USB 2.0 flash drive (with the ability to write protect) to store our important documents on it.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The SwissFlash Laser Pocket Knife from Victorinox comes shipped in a small cardboard box, with a transparent small window on top, for us to see how the product does look, without the need to open up the box:




On the sides of the box, we can see product descriptions, in many different languages:




On the back of the box, we get to see the system requirements to operate the product, and also some warnings regarding the laser inside:




When opening up the box, we can reveal besides the product itself, the small User Guide:




On the inside of the box, we can also see instructions on how to remove the USB Flash drive from the pocket knife:




The small manual tells us how to operate the product, but also how to perform maintenance on it like changing the pressurized ballpoint pen or the battery:




The pocket knife has a very stylish appearance, with the sides made of transparent red plastic; on one of the sides, we can see the location of the internal battery, along with the company logo, which has under it a button, which must be pressed in case we want to activate the laser:




On the opposite side, we get a warning regarding the laser usage and information regarding the wavelength and max output:




On one of the laterals, we can find a little hole, through which we must insert a paper clip, in order to remove the internal battery:




The opposite side has a small plastic door, which is opened when the battery is removed:




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