Hitachi XL3000 Desk 3TB USB 2.0 External Drive Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2011-02-06

Hitachi have recently launched their external XL3000 desktop HDDs; these come in elegantly shaped enclosures, with the possibility of mounting both horizontally and vertically, also with enough free space for most of us to store our favourite movies, photos, games and other data.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The XL3000 external HDD from Hitachi is shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard box, with a photo of the product on the front, the total disk capacity and interface used (in this case, USB 2.0):


On the opposite side, we can see a description of the product, along with a package contents summary, in many different languages:


Inside the box, we can find one USB 2.0 cable, a small plastic dock, the power adapter, a leaflet which contains some photos regarding the drive installation, and the drive itself, in a plastic enclosure:


The plastic dock can be used when we want to sit the drive vertically, and it can be attached very simple to the enclosure:


The power adapter comes with two different plugs, so it can adapt to the zone where we will use it:



The adapter is manufactured by Asian Power Devices, and its output rating is 12V, 1.5A:


Besides some drawings that show us how to install the product, we do also get some information regarding the product warranty:


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