Lexar Professional 133x 16GB SDHC Card Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2011-02-06

Are you frequently using your DSLR to take high resolution photos or recording videos? Lexar may have a solution with their Professional Series 133x 16GB SDHC Card; if you have deleted a photo by mistake from the card, there are some chances to recover it by using the Image Rescue 4 (included for free with this memory card!).

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Lexar Professional 133x 16GB SDHC card is packed inside a nice little black cardboard box; on the front, we can see the full name of the product, total capacity, a little logo that represents the Lifetime Warranty, the product rated speed (along with the minimum guaranteed speed) and a discount offer for Adobe software:



On the back of the box, we can see find some explanations regarding the product technical support and the limited lifetime warranty, in many different languages:



The card be found inside a black protective frame, along with the documentation (words regarding the technical support and warranty, a small piece of paper that shows us the address of the manufacturer along with the European representative, and an offer to download the Image Rescue 4 software [the product serial can be found inside]) :



As many cards present on the market, this one is further protected inside a small transparent plastic enclosure:



The card has the Lexar logo printed on the frontal part sticker, along with the rated speed and total capacity:



On the left side we can find the lock/unlock switch (the card is shipped with the switch in the unlocked position):



On the back, we can see a serial number, and the fact that the product was made in China:


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