Swiftpoint Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2010-12-27

The Swiftpoint Mouse is an innovative product with a pen-like grip, meant to completely replace the touchpad functions of most laptops. It's wireless and comes with a USB wireless adapter that also acts like a dock to recharge the product.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

This interesting mouse from Swiftpoint is shipped in a rather little cardboard box; the front reveals us what the product looks like, along with the statement that this product will change the way we are using our laptop:




The top part of the box reveals even more information regarding the product:




On the back of the box, we can see the complete list of features listed, along with the package contents and system requirements:




Inside we can find besides the little mouse, the USB multifunctional adapter and a Multi-language User Guide:




The product is also shipped with a “parking accessory”, which prevents the mouse from slipping off while using our laptop when it is tilted; it also allows the mouse to be used on the palmrest of our laptop, in case this one has a high gloss surface:




On the back of the parking accessory, we can see the magnetized zone:




The User Guide that is included with the product instructs us how to operate it properly, but also how to perform special movements:





The USB adapter that is shipped with the mouse has multiple functions:

- because it is magnetized, we can fix the mouse on it while travelling

- while the mouse is on it and the laptop is turned on, the mouse will start charging

- it is a wireless dongle




On the back of the adapter, we can find its code name and some serial numbers:




The mouse itself has a very futuristic look; on top of it we can see two LEDs, one that is a battery indicator, the other one being a signal indicator:




On its left side, we can see a red thumb grip, along with the Swiftpoint logo:



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