E3 microSD/SDHC Card Reader (Also Usable For PS3 Jailbreaking) Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2010-12-17

The E3 Card Reader is a multi-function device, with 4MB Flash onboard, that can be used for reading/writing to microSDHC cards, but also has the posibility to enable the PS3 load homebrew software and backups.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The E3 Card Reader is an interesting 2-in-1 device because we can use it as a microSDHC card reader, but also to flash it with payloads to be able to load homebrew (which now is growing fast) into our PS3. The device does not look as a cheaply built product and it is very easy to use after we read the instructions carefully.

All the software needed is available on the E3 China website and it is updated frequently with the latest version.

Of course, this product does also have some disadvantages: the included 4MB internal flash can be small for future homebrew packages (but the manufacturers have this covered -> we can place the software on the microSD card). Also, the read/write speeds of the microSD card are much lower than using a simple card reader.


I would like to thank again to E3 Card China for offering me a sample of this product for review!


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