GlacialLight PalmSiren Dynamo 3 LED Torch Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2010-12-17

The new revision of the PalmSiren Dynamo from GlacialLight brings a lot of improvements over the old V2 and is very useful in case we aren't near any power source: mountain climbing/camping, house work maintenance when there's a power outage.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The PalmSiren Dynamo 3 is a newer revision of the previously tested PalmSiren Dynamo 2 Multifunctional Flashlight; like the former, this one is also shipped in blister packaging and on the front, the manufacturer explains us the main features of the product, but we can also see how the product looks like through the transparent plastic:




On the back, we get to see some usage instructions, specifications and notices; like with the previous model, the manufacturer invites us to try the LED Flashlight without unsealing the package; this time it is impossible to try it this way because the battery is separated from the device and to make the product functional, we have to install it inside the device first:




Besides the flashlight, in the box we can also find a rechargeable battery and a cable to charge the product via USB or to use the flashlight for charging a mobile phone:




The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is rated 3.6V and has the code name LIR2450:




The flashlight comes with a cherry black color and its case is rubberized; also, we can find a lanyard attached to it, very useful in case we drop the product by mistake; on its top side, we can find the GlacialLight logo and the ON-OFF button. Further down, we can see some orifices that resemble another logo; here we can find the little speaker that is used when we are listening to the integrated radio:





On one of the sides, we can see the IN, OUT connectors, which are protected with rubber caps; also, here we can find the Volume Control/Switch Off function for the integrated radio:




The IN connector is used for charging the flashlight from a spare USB connector of our computer; this is one of the improvements over the second version, where the winding knob was the only way to recharge the device:




The OUT connector can be used for recharging our mobile phones:




On the opposite side, we can find a Reset and a Scan button; the integrated digital radio is an upgrade over the previous version; which had analog:




On the bottom of the flashlight, we can find the plastic winding knob; compared to the previous version, this one can be rotate both ways, not only clockwise:




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