ECS GeForce GTX 460 Black Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2010-12-13

The GTX 460 Black video card from ECS is another product that comes with the high performance Arctic Cooling Accelero Turbo Pro cooler, it's also overclocked from the factory. Its performances are very close to the previously reviewed Calibre X460G and the fan speeds are much lower than the ones from the Sparkle model.

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A Closer Look Continued

The card uses Samsung K4G10325FE-HC05 memory chips, which are rated at 2000MHz:




Unlike the Calibre X460G from Sparkle, the card does not feature a heatsink on the VRM:




On the back of the card, we can see the 4-wire fan connector, used to power both top fans:




Also here, we can see the 2 6-pin PCI-Express power headers:




On the other side of the card, the 4 large copper heatpipes can be found:




On both sides of the heatsink, we can find its name, embossed:




The back of the PCB of this specific sample did not have any stickers on, but the retail cards have and contain serial numbers, product code names and so on. On the top right side we can find only one SLI connector:




As the previously reviewed GTX 460 from Sparkle, the ECS GTX 460 Black comes with the ON Semiconductor NCP5388 2/3/4 Phase Channel Controller:




The screws that keep the top heatsink fixed on the GPU have springs but do not feature washers to avoid scratching the PCB surface:





The card also comes with two DVI connectors and one miniHDMI:



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