Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by stefan @ 2010-12-08

The Super Mega CPU cooler is a revised version of the older Megahalems from Prolimatech, a hybrid of copper and aluminum. An extra set of spring screws is included to install extra pounds of pressure for an even tighter contact between the heatsink base and the CPU.

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A Closer Look Continued, Installation

The model from the packaging can be also found on the top of the heatsink, which comes with a mirror finish and is nickel plated:




On the base of the heatsink we can also find the holes where the mounting plate will get installed:




The installation:


The first step would be to install the rivet nuts onto the back plate, in the appropriate holes (for the type of socket we need); to fix the rivet nuts, we need to use the rubber o-rings on the opposite side:





Here is how the back plate does look when it is installed on the motherboard:




On the front of the motherboard, we will see the holes covered by the rivet nuts:




Next step is to install the double end studs with nuts; these have insulation washers pre-mounted, to avoid scratching the motherboard's PCB:




After that, we can place on them the black aluminium strip adapters:




The screw nuts will help us fix properly the adapters on the motherboard:




Before installing the product, we have to apply some thermal compound on the CPU HSF and then put the heatsink on; the aluminium mounting plate must be aligned with the holes of the aluminium strip adapters:




To perform the final steps of mounting the heatsink onto the CPU, we have to use the spring-loaded screws; the manufacturer has also provided us with some black spring-loaded screws, which apply even more force, but exceed the specifications and may damage the hardware during long time usage:




The heatsink did not arrive with any fans, so I have used two Noctua NF-P12; fixing them was very easy with the included fan wire clips for 120x120x25mm fans:



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