Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by stefan @ 2010-12-08

The Super Mega CPU cooler is a revised version of the older Megahalems from Prolimatech, a hybrid of copper and aluminum. An extra set of spring screws is included to install extra pounds of pressure for an even tighter contact between the heatsink base and the CPU.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Super Mega(halems) CPU cooler from Prolimatech comes in a stylish looking cardboard box; the boxart looks like something from “Transformers”. On the front of the box, we can see the name of the product, compatible sockets list, and the manufacturer logo; Prolimatech did not forget to remind us that this is a revised model of their already successful Megahalems CPU cooler:




On one of the box sides, we can see the product specifications, but also instructions on how to open up the box:




The top side of the box has a transparent plastic window, so we can see a portion of the cooler inside:




The cardboard box contains inside another little package with the accessories, along with the heatsink, fully wrapped in protective foam:




Here is what we can find inside the little cardboard box: the User Manual, the universal back plate, a Prolimatech sticker and the rest of the bundle:




The User Manuals tells us step-by-step how to install the cooler properly, in multiple languages:




The universal back plate does have holes for most of the current Intel sockets and also comes with a custom spacer, in case we are installing it on LGA775:




Here is the list of the rest of the accessories found in the bag:

-spring-loaded screws

-black spring-loaded screws

-double end studs with nuts

-120/140mm fan wire clips

-thermal compound tube

-rivet nuts

-rubber o-rings

-aluminium strip adapters

-aluminium mounting plate




The Super Mega is one big heatsink and maintains the same proportions as the older Megahalems. The biggest difference we can see is the addition of four selections of copper fins on the sides of the heatsink:





When looked from the side, we can see where we could attach the fan clips that come with the product:




If we look a further down, we can see the heatpipes traveling from the metallic fins to the plate:




The base comes protected by a transparent protective film which must be removed before installation:




Most of us would have expected a mirror-finish base, but this is not the case:



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