XIGMATEK Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by stefan @ 2010-12-08

The Aegir CPU cooler from Xigmatek sports a heatpipe cooling system named D.L.H.D.T. (Double Layer with Heat Pipe Direct Touch) first seen in their CPU cooler dubbed "Thor's Hammer"; the new Aegir is ships with one PWM LED fan which can easily be controlled by the motherboard.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Aegir SD128264 from Xigmatek is a CPU cooler that supports most of the newest sockets and is shipped inside a medium sized cardboard box; the front of the package shows us a photo of the actual product, but here we can also see the Xigmatek logo, the description of the new heatpipe technology this CPU cooler incorporates, but also a little window through which we can see how the heatpipes are positioned:




On one of the laterals, we can see even a bigger photo of the product, along with some features, written in 4 different languages:




The back of the box holds the same artwork as the front, a warrior holding a weapon; the name Aegir can be found in the Norse Mythology and it is described as being the God of the Sea which is worshiped and feared by sailors. On the same side we can find some other photos of the product along with the full list of technical specifications:




Inside the cardboard box we can find the User's Manual, some words regarding warranty and the cooler along with its accessories held in another plastic compartment:




The User's Manual shows us the bundle that comes with the cooler and how to perform the installation, step by step:




When opening the plastic compartment, here is what we can find:

- a little cardboard box with the rest of the accessories

- the 120mm fan

- the heatsink

- the universal back plate




The contents inside the cardboard box are the following:

- anti-vibration rubber

- the thermal compound tube

- 6 hex nuts

- 4 screws

- 4 knurled threaded nuts

- 4 washers

- an Allen key

- mounting clips

- the aluminium crossbar




The back plate features a central cushion that must be removed in order to mount it on LGA 1156,1366 motherboards; for LGA775 it must remain attached:




On the other side of the back plate, we can see more clearly the holes of the universal back plate:




When looked from one of the sides, the heatsink looks similar with other products launched in the past:




The new technology this heatsink incorporates is named D.L.H.D.T. (Double Layer with Heat-pipe Direct Touch); it does feature 2*Φ8mm and 2*Φ6mm heatpipes on the base, along with 2*Φ6mm heatpipes on the 2nd layer:





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