Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2010-12-03

Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD is the latest sound card from Creative, aimed at both gamers and audiophiles, thanks to the included high quality components. For the first time, Creative offers us the possibility to swap the OPamps, to fine-tune even more the sound quality.

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The Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD from Creative is shipped into a nice and stylish box; right from the outside we can see how the actual product looks like, without unsealing the enclosure. On the frontal part, we can see the full name of the product, the interface (PCI-Express) and we are also informed that the card is also aimed at audiophiles; the product supports the THX TRUStudio PC technologies:




On one of the box sides, we can see the logos of the latest EAX 5.0, Creative Alchemy, or OPENAL:




Further on the box, we can see the card connectors drawn and solutions regarding on what to connect to them:




Next, we can see the Minimum System Requirements listed on the box, along with some technical specifications regarding playback and recording, but also the package contents:




More in-depth technical specifications can be found on one of the other laterals of the box:




The bottom of the box retains the same orange/black theme and we can see some extra info regarding the onboard components, the supported technologies and software bundle:




After the removal of the external transparent plastic box, we can find the card fixed inside of a plastic frame, to avoid damages during transport:




Under the plastic frame there is a cardboard box with the rest of the bundle and documentation:




The bundle consists of two optical cables, a RCA to stereo jack plug cable, the CD with drivers and applications and the Quick Start Guide:




The little Quick Start Guide explains to us how to install step by step the card in our system, but also how to connect it to other devices like active speakers, headsets, A/V receivers and so on:




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Comment from jmke @ 2010/12/03
Seems like I'll be holding on to my Audigy 2 ZS Pro for a little longer

we can conclude that it is not possible to connect analog surround speakers directly to the sound card; f
I have this speaker set: which still does all it needs to excellently;
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2010/12/03
Well, I am doing most of the listening on my headphones
Comment from jmke @ 2010/12/03
see the volume controler, there's a headphone jack at the front, comes in very handy when it's dark outside and it needs to be quiet in the house
but during day I can wreck havoc with 5.1 surround and big base
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2010/12/03
Would have liked to do that too, but in my apartment you can hear very well from one room to another, even at low sound levels