SPARKLE Calibre X460G Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2010-11-29

The Calibre X460G graphics card from Sparkle is an interesting product, featuring a high overclock from factory, but also an Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro cooler to ensure low temperatures and noise.

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The Calibre video card from Sparkle has arrived with its cardboard box completely wrapped in a transparent plastic bag, for extra protection:




The box has an interesting design, which makes the product a perfect gift for many gamers; on the frontal side of the product we can see in center a silver Calibre logo, along with other stickers that inform us the product is fully compatible with Windows 7, the inclusion of the HDMI adapter along with a Starcraft 2 trial voucher and a OC pictogram that tells us the card has been overclocked from factory:




If we look with more attention, we can see that the box does also have a special texture:




The box is also provided with a handle and linked to it we can find a medallion-like item made from cardboard:




On the back of the medallion, we can see the main product technical specifications:




Some extra information can be also found on one of the box laterals:




On the bottom of the box, besides the icons that show us the supported technologies and standards, we can also see listed some of the unique features and after-service information:




The product along with its bundle is further protected inside a black cardboard box:




This box has two compartments: in one of them we can find the card which is wrapped in a plastic bubble bag, and the rest holds the extra cables, adapters:




The bundle consists of two PCI-Express power to MOLEX adapters, a miniHDMI to HDMI adapter, the Starcraft II Trial voucher, a warranty card, a Quick Start Guide, a DVI to VGA adapter and the disk with drivers and applications:



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