SPARKLE Calibre X460G Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2010-11-29

The Calibre X460G graphics card from Sparkle is an interesting product, featuring a high overclock from factory, but also an Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro cooler to ensure low temperatures and noise.

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At first I would like to thank Sparkle for offering me an opportunity to test a sample of their Calibre X460G graphics card.


About Sparkle Computer:

"SPARKLE was established in 1982. SPARKLE is a company with endless energy, vitality and a management of unmatched wit and dedication. SPARKLE respects individualism, insists on highest quality, cares about the natural environment and serves its customers with highest regard. These principles have already penetrated into every corner of the company, motivating SPARKLE and its industry peers toward their leadership positions all the way into the next century.

Motivation of Human Hearts

SPARKLE never ceases to motivate for the sake of creativity and innovation. SPARKLE always seeks to surpass the status quo, and has always been attentive to the basic human elements of individualism and intuition.

Unending Pursuit of Quality

SPARKLE only applies the newest and most advanced graphic card technologies to its products, offers them to the market at reasonable prices and keeps a keen eye on consumer needs in the real world.

SPARKLE has comprehensive lines of products tested with the most stringent quality standards and test requirements. SPARKLE products also provide the most stable operation and excellent performance, and are available to consumers at very market competitive prices.

Attentive Post Sales Service

SPARKLE has always been attentive in providing high value, high quality products and is dedicated to maximize customer satisfaction. Everyone at SPARKLE is prepared and ready in providing the best possible service. Highly trained and professional customer service staff have the ability to solve any problem a customer might encounter and make sure that everyone and their needs will be taken care of.

Environmental and Natural Resources Preservation

SPARKLE has always believed in maintaining a sustainable business and social responsibility; and SPARKLE has two important principles in regards to the natural environment preservation:

1. All product planning will have environmental protection aspects taken into consideration.

2. All relevant products and services are environmentally-friendly within their cycles.

Research and Development

SPARKLE markets its products globally, in more than 80 countries across 5 continents. SPARKLE has a very capable R&D team with highly flexible mobility. SPARKLE offers products and services all over the world and in various fields keeping pace with all developments."

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