Palit GeForce GTS 450 Low Profile 1Gb GDDR5 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2010-11-25

The GTS 450 Low Profile from Palit is one of the most powerful cards meant for installing inside a HTPC, so we basically get of both worlds: a compact and silent system while surfing the internet or doing office work along with decent performances in todays' games, if using lower resolutions.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The GTS 450 Low profile video card from Palit is packed in a little cardboard box which shows in front a big engine with the company logo in the center; also here we can see the product supported technologies (SLI is also listed but not supported by this particular product), the name of the product and the total video memory quantity:




On one of the box sides, we can see even more logos, along with the Palit frog mascot:




The back of the box holds additional information in multiple languages (technical specifications), along with the minimum system requirements:




The box is sealed on the box sides, to avoid unauthorized access inside:




Inside the external box we can find another internal cardboard one, for additional protection:




The card is located in the center of the box, surrounded by cardboard and it is also fully wrapped in a plastic bubble bag:




Along with the card, inside the box we can also find a Quick Installation Guide, a CD with drivers, a PCI-Express to MOLEX adapter in case we have ran out of 6-pin PCI-Express connectors from our power supply and a shield:




Inside the Quick Installation Guide, we can find instructions on how to install the drivers located on the CD, along with hints on how to install the card inside our computer:





Being a low profile video card, the Palit GTS 450 occupies very little space in our case and the cooling system is designed in such a way that it evacuates all the hot air out of the computer:




In the back of the card, we can see the 4-pin fan connector, along with the 6-pin PCI-Express power header:





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