LAMPTRON Fan Controller Touch Review

Modding/Small Mods by stefan @ 2010-11-08

The Fan Controller Touch from LAMPTRON is a nice looking device and allows easy navigation through its touch screen interface, to be able to control the connected fan speeds or see the temperature for each separate channel.

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Operating the Controller

After all cables are connected, we can power on the computer; the fan controller will automatically light up its display and will show us the ON/OFF display button:



After the button is pressed, the fan icons will appear on the screen; on the left side there will be also a light bulb icon, which will allow us to set the screen brightness. If the light bulb icon won’t be pressed, it will disappear after 6 seconds. To adjust the fan channel of our choice, we must press the respective icon:



If a fan channel icon is pressed, in this case the second channel, we will get inside another menu, which will show us the voltage, the current temperature for the same channel, the selected mode (automatic or manual), a central zone which can be swept with our finger to set out the fan speed percentage, some arrows that allow us to navigate through the channels and a Back button:



The operating mode can be also left on Auto, so the speed will automatically modify itself depending on the temperature registered by the thermal probe, from the same channel:



If we click on the voltage indicator, we can switch to the RPM indication:



The same, if we click on the degrees shown in Celsius, we will switch to Fahrenheit:



The fan controller looks excellent when installed inside a case:


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Comment from kzinti1 @ 2011/02/08
Do these controllers require fans with rpm sensors so RPM and Voltage may be properly displayed or will a 3 pin-2wire connected fan work?
Sorry for reactivating an old thread but I've read quite a few reviews and no fan listing ever mentioned whether these fans had RPM sensors or not.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2011/02/09
Hello there!

The fan controller will show the RPM for all 3-wire fans (considering that the third wire is not interrupted ), but not for the 2-wire ones. However, with the 2-wire fans it will still show the voltage.
Comment from jmke @ 2011/02/09
depending on fan you're using you might be able to re-activate the RPM feed
Comment from kzinti1 @ 2011/02/09
Thank you very much for your replies.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2011/02/09
No problem!