LAMPTRON Fan Controller Touch Review

Modding/Small Mods by stefan @ 2010-11-08

The Fan Controller Touch from LAMPTRON is a nice looking device and allows easy navigation through its touch screen interface, to be able to control the connected fan speeds or see the temperature for each separate channel.

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A Closer Look Continued

Inside the manual, we can see on one of the sides how to install the product and how to connect the cables, the list of the included accessories, the main screen interface and on the back we can see how to operate the menus of the controller:


In the product catalog, we can see little presentations of other products sold by the company:



To protect against scratches during transport, the manufacturer has put a transparent plastic film on the touch screen:



Before the first use, it is recommended to remove it:



On the product sides, we can see the holes in which the included screws would go:



In the back, we can see one part of the PCB (with the power circuitry and headers for the fans and thermal probes):



On the right side, we can see the alarm pins where the included jumper would go, the thermal probes headers and the MOLEX power header:



A buzzer can be also located on the back, which is used when the audio alarm is activated:



All 6 fan headers are located near the power circuits:



When looking from the top, we can see that the PCB which contains the touch screen is separated by the PCB which contains the power circuitry:


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Comment from kzinti1 @ 2011/02/08
Do these controllers require fans with rpm sensors so RPM and Voltage may be properly displayed or will a 3 pin-2wire connected fan work?
Sorry for reactivating an old thread but I've read quite a few reviews and no fan listing ever mentioned whether these fans had RPM sensors or not.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2011/02/09
Hello there!

The fan controller will show the RPM for all 3-wire fans (considering that the third wire is not interrupted ), but not for the 2-wire ones. However, with the 2-wire fans it will still show the voltage.
Comment from jmke @ 2011/02/09
depending on fan you're using you might be able to re-activate the RPM feed
Comment from kzinti1 @ 2011/02/09
Thank you very much for your replies.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2011/02/09
No problem!