ROCCAT Kone + Maximum Customization Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2010-10-29

What happens if you take a good gaming mouse with a small design defect at the scroll wheel, fix that and add all the interesting features the previously launched products had in the past and more? The Kone+ Max Customization Gaming Mouse is born.


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The Kone+ gaming mouse comes in a box shaped similarly with the previously launched products; on the frontal part we can see the name of the product, some of the main product features, but also a central transparent window through which we can see how the product really looks, without the need of opening up the box:



The main features are also represented with icons:



On one of the sides, we can see a large embossed ROCCAT logo, along with a sign that invites us to further open up the package:



On the opposite side, we can see the main features of the product explained, with text and in writing:



The package contents, system requirements and tech specs are also present on the external box:



On the back, we can see some more explanations regarding the main product features and these are also translated in 9 more different languages:



The box is fully sealed from the outside to prevent unauthorized persons mess with the inside box contents:



The external box has also a top external layer that can be opened and here we can discover even more information:


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Comment from Undesirable @ 2010/11/01
With the Roccat Kone v1 mouse, one of the things I found very unsatisfying is the fact that the coloured lights did not flow smoothly into one another, and instead only blinked to change. I'm wondering if that's still the case with this revision of the mouse?
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2010/11/01
With this latest revision, the color flow seems very smooth, so I guess the problem is solved.