Shuttle XS35 GT Barebone PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2010-10-27

The XS35 GT Barebone from Shuttle, after equipping it with the necessary hardware, can be used as a media center, little server or seedbox; its main advantages are that it is completely silent and consumes very little power, so we can leave it on 24/7 without caring about the energy costs.

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The XS35 GT barebone from Shuttle is shipped in a rather small sized box (about the same size of a power supply box). On one of the box sides, we can find a drawing of the product, but also some words written in circles that are meant to describe the main product features:




Also, on the box we can also find a little sticker that shows us a photo of the main product, its model, the components and compatible hardware to be installed, but it is also specified the net weight, dimensions, available bays and the fact that it comes with a 40W power brick:




On the top part of the box, we can find a plastic handle, which helps us a lot to carry the product, if we have bought it from a shop:




Inside, we can see right from the beginning the product fully protected from shocks during transport, but also another little box with the rest of the bundle:




The accessories box is split into multiple compartments, and each component can be found in its own plastic bag, to avoid scratches between them:




Along with the power brick and the power lead, we can also find the HDD retention mechanism, some screws, the installation DVD with the latest drivers and manuals, but also a stand to mount the unit vertically:




The stand that comes with the product has some little plastic feet and a central screw, to be able to mount it on the bottom of the product:




On the bottom of the stand, we can see 4 rubber feet, a sticker which informs us about the company name, the product name, model number, power input (19V DC at 2.1A), but also the company address; in the center we can find a small adhesive tape, that must be removed to be able to access the central black screw:




The power brick is really small, and is rated on the output with exactly the same values we have seen on the stand:




Here is a photo of the DC connector:




Along with the HDD retention plate, we can also find a little metal adapter, which is used when mounting an optical disk drive into the barebone:




The retention plate does have a black protective material on its back, to avoid short circuits between it and the HDD electrical board:




The product does also come with manuals written in different languages, which explain us step by step how to install the rest of the needed components inside the barebone:





Besides the protective foam, the barebone is further protected inside a bag, which looks similar to the ones used at their Mini-PC series:



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