Beyerdynamic MMX 2 Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2010-10-14

The Beyerdynamic MMX 2 is a high quality stereo headset, which is also very light and comes with a USB adapter that also allows us to mute/unmute the microphone or adjust the volume level. As a bonus, the headset comes also with a 3.5 to 6.35 millimetres jack adapter, so we can connect it to other Hi-Fi equipment like amplifiers or receivers.

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A Closer Look

The MMX 2 headset from Beyerdynamic comes packed in a rather classy looking cardboard box; on the front we can see the company logo, a photo of the actual product along with the USB adapter, its name and the supported operating systems; the last OS supported is listed as being Windows Vista, but as I have tested, it works on Windows 7 OS too, since the USB adapter is running on generic drivers:


On both of the package sides, we can find a small product description, along with some of the product features:



The back of the box holds the full list of specifications in 6 different languages:




The first thing we see when we open up the package is the headset wrapped completely in a plastic bag, for keeping dust out:




Besides the headset, in the box we can also find the USB adapter, which is completely sealed inside a plastic bag, a product information document and a warranty paper:



The USB adapter has the cable on one side which must be plugged in a spare USB port from our computer, and on top there is a little button which permits us to mute the microphone:




On one of the sides, the volume rocker is present:


The opposite side holds the headphone and microphone jacks, color coded differently, but also with a little drawing under them, to make sure we won’t connect them incorrectly:

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