High End X58 Motherboard Roundup: Asus, Gigabyte and MSI Compared, Overclocked and Dissected

Motherboards/Intel S1366 by leeghoofd @ 2010-11-10

In this roundup of second generation X58 motherboards we put the best products from Asus, Gigabyte and MSI through the OC grinder, to find out which one can help you push your hardware to the limit. Some in-depth overclocking analysis lies ahead.
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Asus Rampage III Extreme: Software Tweaker

Since Madshrimps is more enthusiast orientated, I will not explore all the included software. That would be, firstly, immensely time robbing for me and pretty boring stuff for you, the reader. The Software that is very useful to everyone is TurboV. We already saw this soft explored in the Asus Crosshair Formula article. This software allows on the fly adjustment of Bclock, PCIe express and a whole shebang of voltages.

The Stock settings will allow most already to get a healthy boost out of their system :



The Advanced tab with even more voltage settings then you can manage. Too bad we don't see options as eg CPU, Uncore  and RAM frequencies, a tab for temp monitoring etc...



Also still no ratio setting available for non unlocked processors. Come on ASUS, please add (hopefully) in the future the total CPU speed. That would make it far easier, then to open another 3rd party program.

Software tweaking however doesn't stop with TurboV. To make it even more interesting, Asus again included the ROG connect feature. By hooking up the ROG USB cable to another desktop or portable you can remotely OC your setup. Other option is via the ROG Bluetooth Adapter to a compatible Cellphone or iPhone. Via the Tweakit RC software an abundance of options is at your disposal to push your system to the max.

4 different tab modes : Voltage, Temperature, Fan Speed and Frequency. Each mode unlocking it's own adjustable values for maximum tweaking potential or for monitoring temps from a distance.



But RC Tweakit doesn't stop there. It also allows you to switch between biosses, to power on, reset and shut down the rig. RC Poster helps you to debug a no post more easily.




Only drawback for me is that you don't have any info on the final CPU speed and that the multiplier of the cores can't be remotely controlled. Especially the latter would be very interesting when chasing that super score in a single threaded app.


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