Budget _Shark_ Cutout Howto

Howto by FrenzY @ 2003-09-03

Don't want to spend a fortune on tools and still end up with a great looking cut-out? Then check out this fine piece of work by FrenzY!
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Introduction & DAY 1


As a beginner to anything related to modding I was a bit hesitant to directly buy myself a Dremel or saw. In addition to that I am the lucky owner of 2 left hands, which doesn’t come in handy when using electrical equipment.

That’s how I stumbled upon the idea (well actually a friend of me, bOred, advised me) to try it modding with a cheap classical figure-saw.

Total cost for this mod: 2.6€ for the figure-saw + 3.8€ for 12 metal saws = 6.4€

It took me a total of 3 days, each day I worked on average 2 hours. On the following pages you will see my progress made; hopefully it will be useful for you, the reader.

DAY 1:

This is the basis of my cut-out; the end result should look like this in a couple of days.

Madshrimps (c)

So here’s the design using the correct scale to help me get started.

Madshrimps (c)

I first bought a figure-saw at local mega-super-market, but this seemed to be not useful at all (too small). So I went to a local hardware store and found exactly what I was looking for

Madshrimps (c)

Much better!
(Thanks bOred for the advice :) )

TIP: always put enough tension on the cutting blade, you can achieve this by pushing the saw together and tighten the screw to fasten the blade. This way you work much more precise.

First you a hole of ~3mm, you insert the blade and then attach it to the saw, this way the saw will be around the panel.

After 1 hour of hard, careful, work, I had booked quite some progress and decided to call it a day.

The end result day 1:

Madshrimps (c)

Onto DAY 2!
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Comment from Bosw8er @ 2003/09/03
Good stuff !

Only 6,4 EUR
Comment from the maniak @ 2003/09/04
good and simple and cheap

btw nice logo
Comment from FrenzY @ 2003/09/04
Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/04
FrenzY where did you find the Tribal Shark Etching? Got any links?
Comment from FrenzY @ 2003/09/04
I used the force
Comment from TeuS @ 2003/09/04
I prefer hoehel
Comment from Unregistered @ 2003/09/06
very nicely done!
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2003/09/10
nice piece of art

and for the guy's from antwerp try www. goegel.be

btw teus from where are you?? i'm from torhout ( very close to roeselare )

Comment from TeuS @ 2003/09/10
@offtopic spammor:

Location: Ieper
If you don't know that city is 15 miles away from your town, you're not worth living
Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/24
Comment from Bosw8er @ 2003/09/24
Originally posted by jmke
îôñ÷ ÷èï ùñîúé òì äôìñèé÷ ?
Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/24
äòøä ÷èðä- îåîìõ áçå* ìùééó äéèá *ú äîñáéá éø*ä äøáä éåúø *ñúèé åðçîã !!
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2003/09/24
Comment from Unregistered @ 2004/05/30
Wie heeft er diene haai int groot?
Comment from kristos @ 2004/05/31
just copy it and enlarge it to the dimensions you like