Coolermaster Q Alloy Keyboard (EAK-US1)

Others/Mice & Keyboards by richbastard @ 2003-09-14

For those who are tired of space-hogging desktop keyboards which are packed with multimedia keys you never use, Coolermaster has released a stylish solution. After using the Coolermaster Q Alloy keyboard - a notebook-sized, sleek aluminium keyboard - you?ll throw your old one in the garbage and never look back. 

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Test - Gaming


For gaming, I consider the quality of the mechanism and the placing of frequently used keys the most important.

Mechanism quality:
I must say Coolermaster did an excellent job here. The innovative design makes it easy to replace keys and hard to get a key 'stuck' in on/off.

Madshrimps (c)

Placing of frequently used keys:
This keyboard is well fit to play 'simple' 3D shooters with the "wasd" keys, but if you are used to play with the arrow keys, again you're faced with the drawback of cramping those keys so near ENTER and SHIFT. The keys are rather small and placed close to each other, so if you quickly have to press "F5", you might end up pressing a whole bunch of keys (except the right one ;) ).

Verdict: Good for simple games which require the use of a limited set of keys, like mindless 3D shooters or racing games. If you play more complicated games which require to quickly find a specific key, this keyboard is far less fit for the job.
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