Coolermaster Q Alloy Keyboard (EAK-US1)

Others/Mice & Keyboards by richbastard @ 2003-09-14

For those who are tired of space-hogging desktop keyboards which are packed with multimedia keys you never use, Coolermaster has released a stylish solution. After using the Coolermaster Q Alloy keyboard - a notebook-sized, sleek aluminium keyboard - you?ll throw your old one in the garbage and never look back. 

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Test - Programming


For programming, the placement of special keys are very important. If you're designing a notebook (sized) keyboard, you don't have much space to put the arrow keys, insert/home/page up/etc. Coolermaster appearantly chose to fit all the keys in a perfect rectangle, much like Toshiba and Dell laptops i've seen, which causes the arrow keys to be placed annoyingly close to SHIFT and ENTER. Also, the insert/home/etc keys are now lined up in one column on the right. Unless you have a notebook with similar layout, this is very hard to get used to.

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Usability vs. Looks

Personally, I highly favour the IBM notebook layout (yes, I'm a Thinkpad fan): instead of cramping those special keys between frequently used keys like ENTER and SHIFT, the keys are grouped together and put slightly apart. The latter looks less stylish, but there's ample space for SHIFT and ENTER.

Verdict: Not the most efficient design. Seems like looks were of higher priority.
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