Coolermaster Q Alloy Keyboard (EAK-US1)

Others/Mice & Keyboards by richbastard @ 2003-09-14

For those who are tired of space-hogging desktop keyboards which are packed with multimedia keys you never use, Coolermaster has released a stylish solution. After using the Coolermaster Q Alloy keyboard - a notebook-sized, sleek aluminium keyboard - you?ll throw your old one in the garbage and never look back. 

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Test - Text Editing


Time to put it to the test, how suited is this keyboard for text editing / programming / gaming? The competitors are a notebook keyboard (IBM thinkpad A30) and a decent logitech multimedia keyboard. It's virtually impossible to test this objectivly, because every person is used to another type of keyboard. I've tried to test it as objective as possible, and gave the keyboard a few days to my partner so I would have a second opinion.

Text Editing.

How well is this keyboard suited for typing plain text?

I think three arguments have to be taken into consideration for this test:
  1. Touch typing: how fast can I copy a piece of text without looking at my keyboard?
  2. Noise: does the keyboard sound like a 1932 typewriter or not?
  3. Feeling: the joy of using it. Prone to subjectivity, but I asked othe ppl's opinion too.
To test my touch typing skills, I typed one paragraph of text in my text editor. I recorded the time needed and typo's. The average out of three tests were taken. Keep in mind I only have a few days experience with the coolermaster keyboard, 2 months with my notebook and about 2 years with the logitech multimedia keyboard.

Logitech multimedia desktop keyboard:

Time to type paragraph: 140sec (3 mistakes) (good)
Noise: like most keyboards, typing makes noise. Not annoying in office environment, but it may annoy ppl in quiet places. (mediocre)
Feeling: like most keyboards, keys feel like hard plastic and typing is almost hard fysical work. (mediocre)

IBM notebook keyboard:

Time to type paragraph: 130sec (0 mistakes) (excellent)
Noise: completely noiseless. Typing will not annoy anyone even in a quiet environment. (excellent)
Feeling: soft plastic keys all in reach of your hands without moving your wrists. (excellent)

Coolermaster Q Alloy keyboard

Time to type paragraph: 133sec (1 mistake). (very good)
It's worth to notice I can type faster on the 2 days old Coolermaster keyboard than on my Logitech desktop keyboard which I've been using for 2 years...
Noise: The keys are completly noiseless, but the lightweighing alumiun desing causes to make a hollow sound when you're typing. Far less annoying than a regular keyboard, but it's noticable. (very good)
Feeling: just like most notebook keyboards: soft plastic keys all in reach of your hands without moving your wrists. (excellent)

Verdict: Once used to the notebook-design, the coolermaster keyboard is a very good keyboard for text editing.
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