Coolermaster Q Alloy Keyboard (EAK-US1)

Others/Mice & Keyboards by richbastard @ 2003-09-14

For those who are tired of space-hogging desktop keyboards which are packed with multimedia keys you never use, Coolermaster has released a stylish solution. After using the Coolermaster Q Alloy keyboard - a notebook-sized, sleek aluminium keyboard - you?ll throw your old one in the garbage and never look back. 

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Looks & Size


For those who have ample space at their desk, a slim sized keyboard is not really a necessity. However, if space is an issue, or you simply don't want a bulky keyboard, you might want to take a look at smaller sized keyboards. The coolermaster eak-us1 is one of the more attractive small-sized keyboards.

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The keyboard is packed in a simple cardboard box with no accesories. Since it's a usb-only keyboard, it would have been a wise choice to include a usb>ps2 connector. Be sure to have a free usb port. Coolermaster has been stingy with protection: small box and no bubblewrap. I wouldn't trust this package to the local post service.

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It certainly has way more appeal than any other keyboard i've ever seen: black keys, aluminium housing, no-nonsense layout. The finish is excellent, the keys are made from high quality plastic, and the housing is made from pretty thick (3mm) brushed aluminium.

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It's a pitty coolermaster used cheap green indicator leds, white or blue leds would have been far more fancy without losing it's style. The Coolermaster logo isn't too special either.


It is certainly smaller than the average desktop keyboard. If it wouldn't be equipped with a numpad. it would have been equally sized to a notebook keyboard. this is certainly a good thing for ppl who are looking for a small sized, light weighing keyboard. The small size does not necessairely mean its harder to type, it's only a bigger challange for the manufacturer to make a good layout.

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It might not look much smaller as an average desktop keyboard, every inch matters if you've got little space.
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