Crucial MX100 256GB Solid State Drive Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2014-08-21 read/post comments()

The Crucial MX100 SSD we are reviewing today offers plenty of performance and is bundled with the Acronis True Image HD for easy cloning when transferring data from an older SSD or mechanical drive. The product comes in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB flavors and is very affordable. read more

Thecus N2310 Soho/Home NAS Server Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2014-08-19 read/post comments()

This time we will review an entry-level NAS from Thecus, with an AMCC APM 86491 800MHz processor which is paired with 512MB of DDR3. The device works on the latest ThecusOS version and for storage expansion we have two USB ports, one of which is 2.0 and the other USB 3.0. read more

CORSAIR CARBIDE SPEC 01 Gaming Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2014-08-18 read/post comments(0)

Corsair surprised friend and foe when they released the Carbide SPEC series: three affordable gaming enclosures would join the ranks of Corsairs elite enclosure lineup. With affordable Corsair really meant affordable; take for example the SPEC 01 which retails at just below the 50 dollar mark, thus similar priced as many OEM products. Usually the latter means low build quality, average hardware compatibility, a maximum trim down in functionality and features to keep the price as low as possible. In fact everything which a CORSAIR case is renowned for is missing in many OEM solutions. Time for the Fremont giant to show the world it can be done differently. read more

Gigabyte Extreme Overclocking Competition 2014

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-08-13 read/post comments(0)

Each year Gigabyte Germany organizes the Extreme Overclocking Competition. At the EOC the best overclocking teams of Germany have a chance to prove who is still king. The main organizer behind each event is Germany’s finest Roman Hartung also known as der8auer at This year besides Gigabyte also G.Skill, Intel, Seasonic and Gelid solutions provided the required hardware and funds to allow this clash of the titans to take place at the Know Cube at the Heilbronn Tech University. read more

Gigabyte GeForce 750Ti Ultra Durable BLACK EDITION Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2014-08-12 read/post comments(1)

Guaranteed for stability during a 168-hour period of stress testing, the Gigabyte GeForce 750Ti Black Edition is factory overclocked and features a custom dual-fan efficient cooling system. The card performances can be further enhanced while using the supplied OC Guru II and can be used for gaming up to Full HD while using medium to high detail levels. read more

EKWB ASUS GTX 780 Ti DCII OC Full Cover Water Block Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2014-08-05 read/post comments(0)

For those who haven't heard yet from Slovenian EK Waterblock company, must have been either computer-less for the last 10 years or maybe just started to get interested in some high end Do It Your Self water cooling gear. Forget about All In One if you are looking for the best cooling performance at a low noise ratio. The only way to achieve this goal is via equipping your favorite computer parts with high end water cooling parts. EKWB has been around for 10 years now and really have diversified their products from the rest through the years. One thing all of these water cooling blocks or complete kits have in common is high performance, solid craftsmanship and all this… read more
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Shuttle presents ARM-based Android PCs

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
-LAN interface, RS-232 and VESA mount -Fanless machine operation in steel case Elmshorn, Germany, 2014-08-21. Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH, the European subsidiary of Shuttle Inc., one of the leading developers and manufacturers of compact… Go To Full Article

Examining Huawei's Benchmark Optimizations in the Ascend P7

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
While benchmark optimization has been a hot topic, recently it has faded into the background as the industry adjusted. Previously, we saw changes such as an automatic 10% GPU overclock that was almost never achieved in normal applications, and behavior… Go To Full Article

[M] Crucial MX100 256GB Solid State Drive Review

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
The Crucial MX100 SSD we are reviewing today offers plenty of performance and is bundled with the Acronis True Image HD for easy cloning when transferring data from an older SSD or mechanical drive. The product comes in 128GB, 256GB… Go To Full Article

Robin Williams tribute characters found in World of Warcraft data

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
The passing of actor Robin Williams affected fans from all walks of life, but gamers made a special claim to his legacy. Williams was a game enthusiast and a known fan of games like Portal, The Legend of Zelda and… Go To Full Article

Zotac's Zbox ID92 mini-PC reviewed

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
More than 18 months have passed since we last looked at one of Zotac's Zbox mini-PCs. In that span of time, Intel has released its Haswell processors, Sony and Microsoft have unleashed their next-gen consoles, and countless lesser gizmos have… Go To Full Article

Google sees over 1 million daily takedown requests for pirate links

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
While sites like The Pirate Bay are busy improving the experience for the torrent-loving crowd, Google's facing the task of processing an extreme amount of removal request for pirate links. According to a recent transparency report on the matter,... Go To Full Article

Intel replays marketing card

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Because Intel has so few products to show at its expensive upcoming Intel Developer Forum in September in San Francisco, it will play its old three card trick and show off new logos and marketing plans instead. Ailing Intel, it… Go To Full Article

Skype chat notifications will now only hit the device you're using

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Chances are you have a smartphone, tablet and computer combo, so it could get pretty annoying to get pinged simultaneously on those devices when you're exchanging messages with someone. Skype and iMessage both do this, but now the Microsoft-owned... Go To Full Article

BitFenix Prodigy M Gamer Case Review

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Most people know BitFenix and their Gamer Cases. In this review we look at the new BitFenix Prodigy M Gamer Case with a lot of nice features and a stylish white design. Go To Full Article

Sneaking weapons past body scanners is easier than you think

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
For a while now, folks have been discussing how Rapiscan backscatter X-ray machines used at various security checks can be easily duped. Since metal shows up as black shapes on the scan, it's quite easy to hide something on one's… Go To Full Article

Where Does the Smell of Rain Come From?

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
The smell that fills the air as a storm approaches is unique and serves as an indicator that inclement weather is approaching, but what causes this smell and where exactly does it come from? Today’s video from YouTube channel ‘It’s… Go To Full Article

GAMDIAS HADES Extension Mouse Review at HardwareHeaven

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
"Today we review the Gamdias HADES Extension which is a laser mouse with interchangeable side panels and a wide DPI range, peaking at 8200." Go To Full Article

Spire Introduces the PowerCube 501 and 502 PC Cases

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
The PowerCube 501 & 502 are Spire's smallest chassis yet! These stylish and innovative MINI ITX enclosures are a true designer piece, especially considering the price tag. Built to the highest possible quality to provide you with the satisfaction you… Go To Full Article

FMS 2014: Silicon Motion Showcases SM2256 SSD Controller

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
A couple of weeks ago at Flash Memory Summit, Silicon Motion launched their next generation SATA 6Gbps SSD controller. Dubbed simply as SM2256, the new controller is the first merchant controller solution (hardware + firmware) to support TLC NAND out… Go To Full Article

Wearable device stats prove it: you're not getting enough sleep

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
If you've ever groused that you don't get enough sleep, you now know that you're not alone -- far from it, in fact. The Wall Street Journal has provided a rare glimpse at the tracking data from hundreds of thousands… Go To Full Article

Hands-on with the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
The Nook tablets were seriously under appreciated. And while Samsung certainly makes some nice devices, there's something a little sad about seeing the Nook name slapped on a rather generic looking slate from the Korean manufacturer. But it was... Go To Full Article

The world's largest solar thermal power plant is incinerating thousands of local bird

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
A common sight in the sky above the world's largest solar thermal power plant is a "streamer," a small plume of smoke that occurs without warning. Closer inspection, however, reveals that the source of the smoke is a bird which… Go To Full Article

Barnes & Noble launches the $179 Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Barnes & Noble has officially kicked off a new era -- one in which it doesn't manufacture its own tablets. The struggling book outlet announced last summer that it would work with other manufacturers going forward and Samsung is first… Go To Full Article

Lenovo Expands ThinkCentre Range with Affordable Desktop PCs

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Lenovo today announced the latest additions to its ThinkCentre desktop PC line designed for business users. The ThinkCentre E63z packs a blend of essential features and affordable performance into an impressively thin all-in-one form factor. Lenovo also introduced a new… Go To Full Article

ZTE's camera-heavy mini flagship makes rare leap to the US

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Chinese phone makers are smacking Samsung and others around right now, but it's still hard to find high-end, non-carrier-branded devices stateside. That said, ZTE -- which has quietly become the world's number five smartphone brand -- has just... … Go To Full Article

AT&T's gigabit internet beats Google Fiber to Silicon Valley

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Well, this has to be awkward: the first company to bring gigabit internet to Silicon Valley isn't Google, it's AT&T. The telco's ultra-high speed U-verse service will land in Cupertino in a few months, meaning that Apple employees (or any… Go To Full Article

Acer Introduces the Veriton N4630G Mini PC

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Acer today announced the new Veriton N4630G series mini commercial desktops for businesses and educational institutions in the United States. The two new models provide tight security and practical manageability in a robust one-liter chassis. The Veriton… Go To Full Article

ASUS Announces RT-AC87U Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
ASUS today announced RT-AC87U, the world's first AC2400-class dual-band 802.11ac wireless router with a four-transmit, four-receive (4×4) antenna configuration. This stunningly-designed, easy-to-use router is also the first in the world to employ multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology. Combined with ASUS AiRadar… Go To Full Article

Raidmax Releases the Seiran II Midi-Tower PC Case

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Raidmax has now made available the Seiran II, a midi-tower PC chassis that offers support for ATX and micro ATX motherboards and can house graphics cards up to 390 mm in length. The case measures 457 x 216 x 476… Go To Full Article

G.Skill RipJaws 4 DDR4 Memory Modules Pictured

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Here's the first picture of G.Skill's gaming-grade RipJaws 4 DDR4 memory modules. Featuring a slightly new heatspreader design, albeit the same flashy colour options as its DDR3 predecessors, RipJaws 4 will initially ship in quad-channel kits of 16 GB (4x… Go To Full Article

Seasonic X Series XM2 1250 W @ techPowerUp

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
Along with their Platinum units, Seasonic also revamped their Gold-certified line-up, and the fresh X-1050 and X-1250 now get to add "XM2" to their model numbers. In this review, we will evaluate the X-1250 -- its promise is to deliver… Go To Full Article

LG's Music Flow offers multi-room speakers controlled by a messaging app

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
LG has just announced a new range of wireless speakers, sound bar and network bridge called Music Flow, and by the looks of it, the company wants a piece of whatever action Sonos is getting. The system even comes with… Go To Full Article

Genius F-1000 Arcade Stick for PC/PS3 Review @ Modders-Inc

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
"For those who want to relive the glory days of arcade gaming at home, Genius is offering their F-1000 gaming arcade stick, an affordable PC and Playstation 3 compatible controller that feels like the real deal. With price as low… Go To Full Article

Kingston V310 960GB SSD Review

@ 2014/08/21 read/post comments(0)
If you are one of those users who demands a massive primary drive in a system then today’s review will be of interest. We look at the new Kingston V310 Solid State drive, which ships in a whopping 960GB capacity.… Go To Full Article

Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Playable Build

@ 2014/08/20 read/post comments(1)
Unreal Tournament is still very early in development, so the build is incomplete, buggy, full of placeholder art and therefore is not in any way representative of the ultimate vision for the game. You really shouldn't play it now! We’ve… Go To Full Article

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