Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen Convertible Review

Mobile/Tablets by stefan @ 2015-05-26 read/post comments()

As the Dell Venue 11 Pro Convertible, the ThinkPad Helix 2-in-1 works on the same principle which means passive cooling, producing absolutely zero noise when operating, which is quite an achievement. The tested model comes equipped with the Intel Core M 5Y10 processor and is paired with 4GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM and a Samsung 128GB SSD. We are also getting a keyboard dock and a tablet pen along with the Helix which add multiple functionality to the product. read more

OCZ ARC 100 240GB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2015-05-20 read/post comments()

With the ARC 100, OCZ has succeeded to bring another affordable SSD product on the market, which is utilizing the Barefoot 3 M10 controller, the latest Toshiba A19nm MLC NAND and while it does not break records, it is very durable as it has been demonstrated before by some other review websites. read more

Fractal Design Kelvin S36 360mm Liquid Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2015-05-19 read/post comments(0)

Swedish Fractal Design already revealed its upcoming Kelvin CPU water cooling series way back at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover. At last year's Computex we saw the same prototypes again, scheduled for a summer release. Finally in December 2014 the retail versions popped up; Fractal Design added three AIO models to their Kelvin AIO line-up: a 120mm radiator T12 Kelvin, the S24 being the 240 radiator version and the flagship S36 as the triple fan version. Today we have a look at the latter version, the Kelvin S36. The AIO market is already pretty saturated with versions from Antec, Corsair, Cooler Master, Enermax and Swiftech. What makes this Fractal Design S36 stand out from the crowd? Time to explore the Sweed's… read more

Toshiba MQ02ABF075 2.5'' Mobile Thin HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2015-05-16 read/post comments()

The MQ02ABF075 drive from Toshiba exhibits good performances for a 5400RPM drive and comes with two platters and four heads on a 7mm form factor. This drive is mostly meant for ultrabooks and high-end multimedia devices, which do not need very high read/write performances but more storage space at a low price, while conserving battery life. read more

TP-LINK Archer C9 Wireless Dual Band Router Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2015-05-13 read/post comments()

Based on a second generation Broadcom chipset, the Archer C9 AC1900 router shares many characteristics with the C8 which we have reviewed previously, including elements of design. The router takes quite little space on the table and is ventilated properly thanks to the grill located in the back. We again have two USB ports available for data transfer or for connecting printers; in our tests, the USB 3.0 transfer speeds seem to be quite improved, but it won’t be able to match low-end NAS capabilities yet. read more

Synology DiskStation DS415+ NAS Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2015-05-12 read/post comments()

Synology has amazed us again with one of their latest NAS server releases, the DS415+, which is built around the Intel Rangeley platform which incorporates the Atom C2538 SoC (4C/4T Silvermont Cores @ 2.4GHz) which is paired with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. read more
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Crucial MX200 Review @ Vortez

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
The MX200 comes in a variety of storage sizes along with 3 form factors (2.5", mSATA and M.2) but only the standard 2.5" variant is currently available with the full 1TB of storage space. All of the drives come with… Go To Full Article

Asus India says ZenFone 5’s Lollipop update will take 3 to 4 months more

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Deeply alarming news, possibly for owners of the 2014 smartphone’s 4 and 6-inch siblings as well. Why oh why are device manufacturers so quick to vouch for software update deadlines they can’t be sure they can meet? Especially when it’s… Go To Full Article

G.Skill to Host 4th Annual OC World Record Stage at Computex 2015

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world's leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and solid state storage, is hosting two major extreme overclocking events at Computex 2015 (June 2~6): the OC World Cup 2015 and the OC World Record Stage… Go To Full Article

HiFiMAN EF100 Headphone Amplifier & DAC @ techPowerUp

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
HiFiMAN has a reputation for producing great headphone amplifiers. Today, we take a look at their newest do-it-all headphone amplifier & DAC combo with an on-board T-amp. This all-encompassing device features a class A/B headphone amplifier with a tube input… Go To Full Article

OWC Announces Accelsior S PCIe-SATA Riser Board

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Other World Computing announced today the Accelsior S, a new PCIe card with direct mount support for a 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s SSD. The latest addition to OWC's award-winning Accelsior line enables PC, Mac Pro tower and Thunderbolt interface expansion chassis… Go To Full Article

Salesforce is too pricey for Microsoft

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft was unable to come up with a good price for Salesforce and the talks fell through, according to people in the know. CNBC confirmed that Vole and Salesforce held “significant talks” but failed to agree on… Go To Full Article

EVGA Torq X5 Optical gaming mouse

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Today we look at the new eVGA Torq X5 gaming mouse built around the high grade Pixart 3988 optical sensor. It has 8 programmable buttons built in and a max reporting rate of 1000hz. It is attractively designed in white,… Go To Full Article

Google finds that security questions aren't really secure

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
If you've ever thought that "what was your first pet's name?" is a lousy way to keep intruders from resetting your password, you now have some evidence to back up your suspicions. Google has published research showing that security questions… Go To Full Article

Intel's Post-2017 "Purley" Enterprise Platform Detailed

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Intel's future enterprise computing business, post-2017, could see a unification of its 2-socket (2S), 4-socket (4S), and >8-socket (8S+) platforms unify into one, codenamed "Purley." The platform will consist of multiple SKUs, but a common socket type (Socket-P), and a… Go To Full Article

Super-efficient solar cells can power homes in unforgiving areas

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Scientists have long talked about black silicon (that is, silicon with nano-sized structures) having the potential to trump conventional solar power, and there's now some proof that this is happening. Aalto University researchers have developed black... Go To Full Article

Android M Google Nexus devices will offer 2-year software support guarantee

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
According to a new exclusive report published by Android Police, Google is planning to offer time bound software guarantee with this year’s new Nexus devices. The report claims Google is likely to announce the new update guarantee scheme at the… Go To Full Article

Huawei’s new sub-$100 smartphone packs a 4,000mAh capacity battery

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
While most of you may still be thinking about the Nubia Z9, ZTE has recently launched a new budget smartphone with a giant 4,000mAh battery. The new budget ZTE smartphone carries the model number Q519T and actually packs quite impressive… Go To Full Article

Android's stand-alone Photos app will give you more creative control

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Wondering what will happen when Android's Photos app finally makes a clean break from Google+? You should now have a pretty good idea. Android Police has peeked at a leaked copy of a reworked Photos app, and it's clear that… Go To Full Article

SteelSeries Apex M800 Keyboard Review

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
SteelSeries is an older and well know manufacturer of gaming equipment. In this review we look at the new mechanical SteelSeries Apex M800 Keyboard. Go To Full Article

Clip-on adds gesture control to Pebble Time and Android Wear watches

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Aria is a small add-on that clips underneath a smartwatch band and lets you control the device with finger gestures. It's an accessory for an accessory, which sounds kind of ridiculous, but it's not like you have a lot of… Go To Full Article

Need for Speed 2015 Reboot Trailer Revealed

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
To coin a phrase from Top Gun: I feel the need, the need for speed. Your wish for speed will be fulfilled in the new reboot of Need for Speed 2015. Ghost Games and EA provided a teaser trailer as… Go To Full Article

The next Firefox OS devices will focus on quality, not cost

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Outside of one or two exceptions, most Firefox OS devices have been aimed squarely at the budget crowd -- at folks who would otherwise have to entirely forego smartphoness or tablets. However, Mozilla is ready to switch things up. The… Go To Full Article

NASA finds distant galaxy shining as bright as 300 trillion suns

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Ever tried looking at the sun with your bare eyes? Too bright, right? Now imagine looking at something with the brightness of 300 trillion suns. That's how intense "the most luminous galaxy found to date" is, so much so that… Go To Full Article

Human gene sequencing gets an official yardstick

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Gene sequencing, once a rare feat, is pretty common these days... but how do you know that your DNA data is up to snuff? As of now, there's an easy way to find out. The National Institute of Standards and… Go To Full Article

Firefox browser for iOS is almost ready for testing

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
It's been a long time coming, but Firefox for iOS is nearly here... in a manner of speaking. Mozilla has revealed that it's about to conduct a "limited" beta test of the web browser, and has already posted source code… Go To Full Article

CIA shuts down program using spy satellites to track climate change

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
For most of the past two decades, a handful of climate change scientists have had the CIA's MEDEA (Measurement of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis) program as an ace in the hole: they could draw on classified info from spy… Go To Full Article

BIOSTAR introduces Skylake ready GAMING Z170X4 motherboard

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Barely a week before Computex 2015, motherboard manufacturer BIOSTAR has revealed a new gaming motherboard that will be compatible with Intel 6th Gen Skylake processors. The GAMING Z170X4 is an LGA 2011 socket motherboard with the Intel Z170 chipset. It… Go To Full Article

Apple aims to make Jailbreak impossible with iOS 9

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
According to 9To5Mac, Apple is working hard to ensure that jailbreaking will be impossible to achieve on iOS 9. Sources close to the matter have told the publication that iOS 9 will come with a new kernel-level security feature called… Go To Full Article

Live pictures of Sony’s bezel-less ‘Lavender’ smartphone surface

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
The first live pictures of Sony’s upcoming ‘Lavender’ mid-ranger have surfaced on the web, and just as in the leaked render, the device looks mighty impressive. This year we have seen a number of bezel-less smartphones, particularly from Chinese Android… Go To Full Article

New benchmark leak points to a 1080p display on OnePlus Two

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
It was only a few days back that the OnePlus Two showed up on Geekbench, confirming the presence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC under its hood. The upcoming OnePlus Two flagship has now showed up in another benchmark, this time… Go To Full Article

Daimler and Qualcomm team up on connected car tech

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Car companies aren't usually good at wireless tech, and wireless companies aren't great with cars -- if you want to make wireless-savvy vehicles, you'll probably need some teamwork. Accordingly, Daimler and Qualcomm have forged a partnership that sho... Go To Full Article

Sharkoon Announces External USB 3.1 Hard Drive Case

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Sharkoon expands its range of external drive enclosures and presents a variant for the new USB 3.1 standard: The QuickStore Portable USB 3.1 provides an elegant dwelling for a 2.5" SATA HDD/SDD. The internal controller supports the SATA Revision 3.0… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Restores Overclocking on GTX 900M, Again

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
NVIDIA re-enabled overclocking on its GeForce GTX 900M series mobile GPUs, by releasing a new hotfix driver (GeForce 353.00 Hotfix). Launch drivers originally allowed overclocking on NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 900M series mobile GPUs. NVIDIA disabled overclocking with its R347 drivers,… Go To Full Article

Fractal Design Kelvin S24 all in one water cooler @ HardwareOverclock.com

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
HardwareOverclock.com has just posted another review. Last week we have taken a look at the Fractal Design Kelvin S24 all in one water cooler. The Kelvin Series water cooling systems are constructed from enthusiast class components. Both the CPU block… Go To Full Article

Researchers find Android factory reset faulty and reversible

@ 2015/05/26 read/post comments(0)
Android's factory reset function isn't as effective as we'd all like it to be, according to a team of Cambridge University researchers. The group estimates that as many as 500 to 630 million Android devices might not be capable of… Go To Full Article

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