Silicon Power Armor Series A30 USB 3.0 2TB Portable HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2014-11-25 read/post comments()

The Armor A30 2.5’’ USB 3.0 portable drives from Silicon Power are built to last in harsh conditions and the manufacturer has included materials like shock-resistant silica gel which combines with the plastic external shell. Silicon Power also reminds us that the drive has passed the test in compliance with the US military MIL-STD-810G (transit drop test) which means a 300cm experimental fall test. read more

Func MS-2 Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2014-11-24 read/post comments()

The Func MS-2 mouse has given us a good impression as the MS-3 version before it and is able to deliver a good gaming experience for mainstream gamers and seems to be better suited for fingertip grip users with smaller hands. The soft-touch coating offers a good grip which is important during long gaming sessions while the extra buttons are carefully placed for easy accessibility. read more

Corsair DDR4 16GB Vengeance LPX 2800C16 Memory Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2014-11-18 read/post comments(0)

DDR4 has finally hit the big masses with the release of Intel's high end X99 platform aka Haswell-E. Besides the massive available bandwidth these DDR4 modules can also pack a far higher density per stick. All this goodness is available at your disposal while requiring a mere 1.2Volts. Only drawback, as per each technology at launch is the high retail price. Today we have a look at CORSAIR's mainstream kit: the Vengeance LPX series, however mainstream doesn't necessarily imply low speeds. The kit we are reviewing today runs out of the box at 2800MHz; not uber high end speeds though more than suitable to satisfy both the tweakers and the die-hard enthusiasts. read more

Shuttle Barebone XH81 Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2014-11-17 read/post comments()

Shuttle proposes another compact X-type chassis with their XH81 barebone which can house the latest Intel Haswell processors and the motherboard is driven by the H81 chipset which we have also found with the DS81. Its dimensions are 238 x 200 x 72 mm (LWH) and also supports installation of one slim optical drive in front, while for storage we can use 2.5’’ drives along with mSATA storage. read more

ThL 5000 Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2014-11-12 read/post comments()

If you are on the market for a high-performance octa-core MTK model, which is packed with a good Sony camera sensor, 16GB of internal memory, 2GB of RAM and a very consistent 5000mAh battery, then look no further since the ThL has all these and is bundled with plenty of other accessories thanks to Chinavasion. read more

Patriot Memory Stellar Boost XT 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2014-11-11 read/post comments()

The new Stellar Boost XT drive from Patriot Memory has quite a small footprint and also features a durable rubberized chassis. The read performance of the drive is very good, nearing 150MB/s in our tests, while the writes are in the 35MB/s area, quite close to the best performing USB 2.0 drives. These speeds are more than enough for maxing out the transfers when connected to our favorite smartphone/tablet which supports OTG for doing backups, watching Full HD content and many other activities. read more
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Hardware or Gadgets/Multimedia news

Triple-monitor support now also available in classic cube format

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
- Suitable for current and future Intel desktop processors - Elmshorn, Germany, 2014-11-26 – Based on the Intel H97 chipset, Shuttle today launches the XPC Barebone SH97R6, a solution measuring just…

One of Sony's first 'new' ideas is a smartwatch that's all e-ink

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Sony's first idea to be born out of its new built-in "venture style" plan to create new products and wow, well, you and me, appears to a combination of its e-ink reader tech and smartwatch devices. According to people familiar… Go To Full Article

Phanteks Also Announces the TC14S Slim Dual-tower CPU Cooler

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Phanteks announces the release of the PHTC14S. A slim dual tower CPU cooler designed from the concept of the award-winning PH-TC14PE. The PH-TC14S incorporates the dual tower and performance from the PH-TC14PE but in a slimmer form. PH-TC14S's slim form… Go To Full Article

Phanteks Announces the TC12LS Low-Profile CPU Cooler

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Phanteks announces the release of the PHTC12LS, a low profile CPU cooler. The PH-TC12LS comes equipped with the latest PHF120MP PWM High Static Pressure fan designed to overcome airflow restriction caused by high fin density. Designed specifically… Go To Full Article

Pew Research: You know the internet, but you might not 'get' it

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Given how ubiquitous smart devices are, one might think that, overall, people would have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of tech. That isn't exactly the case. According to a recent Pew Research survey, 60 percent of the representative sample knew th...… Go To Full Article

BlackBerry offers up to $550 if you ditch your iPhone for a Passport

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
If the industry based its grades solely on effort, there's no doubt BlackBerry would be among the first top spots. Now, whether or not those efforts are actually effective, well, that's a completely different story. Since its notable decline, the… Go To Full Article

Firefox will let you search specific websites with one click

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Mozilla isn't just rethinking its choice of default search engines in Firefox; it's overhauling the search bar itself. An upcoming version of the web browser will let you search a specific site with one click. If you want to find… Go To Full Article

TuneIn brings over 100,000 radio stations to your Chromecast

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Today is a great day to be a Chromecast owner. Joining Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street Go and others, TuneIn is now also making its mobile apps compatible with Google's budget-friendly streaming dongle. Now that TuneIn has added support fo...… Go To Full Article

Sony to refund some customers after misleading PS Vita ads

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
According to the Federal Trade Commission, Sony deceived consumers by falsely advertising the PlayStation Vita's "game-changing" features when the console launched in the US. And, perhaps in an effort to stay out of court, the electronics company has... … Go To Full Article

Vine now lets you know when your favorite users post clips

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
If you're a Vine aficionado, you probably have a short list of people whose six-second videos you want to see right away -- you may want to marvel at a Zach King illusion or scratch your head at one of… Go To Full Article

Creative SoundBlaster Roar SR20 Review

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Creative is one of the oldest manufacturer of Sound Cards. Some of you may remember the good old Sound Blaster 1 . The product we will review here is the new Creative SoundBlaster Roar SR20 Bluetooth Speaker, something… Go To Full Article

Reeven Ouranos RC-1401 Review @ OCC

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
"The latest releases from Reeven cover both ends of the spectrum. On the one hand, there are the low profile Steropes and Brontes, aimed at the small form factor and HTPC builds. The designs focus on limited size and not… Go To Full Article

One of the first true computers is finally on public display

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Seeing ENIAC, one of the first true programmable computers, has been tricky; the giant mainframe was partly restored in 2007, but it was only visible in an office building. At last, though, you now have a (relatively) easy way to… Go To Full Article

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review: slim and sexy comes with some trade-offs

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
I haven't reviewed an Ultrabook in months. It's not because I've grown lazy; it's because there just haven't been many new models to test. Nearly every laptop that crosses Engadget's reviews desk these days is a gaming notebook, a Chromebook… Go To Full Article

Far Cry 4 patch addresses black-screen issue

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
No doubt about it, Far Cry 4 has had a less bumpy launch than Assassin's Creed Unity. Still, some players have been running into problems—particularly, as PC World reported last Friday, those with dual-core CPUs like the new Pentium AE. Go To Full Article

Sony's new plan means fewer TVs and smartphones, more PlayStations

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Sony may know how to build great gadgets, but convincing people to part with money in exchange for them has turned out to be nearly impossible. In the outfit's most recent financial results, its faltering mobile division was single-handedly... Go To Full Article

Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Denim update coming out soon

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
The update will bring mostly device-exclusive features and changes. While both Apple and Google have been rolling out major updates to iOS and Android recently, Microsoft has been rather mum about the next update to Windows Phone 8.1. However, the… Go To Full Article

There are now 3 billion internet users, but mostly in rich countries

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
The UN's International Telecommunication's Union (ITU) has revealed that over 3 billion people are now connected to the internet, an increase of 6.6 percent over last year. The good news is that such access can have a huge impact "for… Go To Full Article

Super Talent Unveils its DDR4 DRAM Modules

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of NAND Flash storage solutions, announces line of DDR4 DRAM modules. DDR4 is the successor to DDR3 which is widely used in global enterprise computing solutions. Chip support for DDR4 comes with Intel's next-generation… Go To Full Article

Lian Li Announces Windowed Version of PC-Q33

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces a windowed version of the PC-Q33 Mini-ITX Chassis - PC-Q33W. The PC-Q33W features the same flip-open design and space-efficient hardware support as the original PC-Q33, while also having windows on both side panels, allowing… Go To Full Article

Fractal Design's Define R5 mid-tower looks like one stealthy Scandinavian

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Fractal Design's long-awaited Define R5 mid-tower has finally arrived, and it looks like a worthy successor to the popular R4. The styling is practical identical, which should please fans of the family's clean lines and Scandinavian sensibilities. The focus on… Go To Full Article

Google makes it easy to see every device logged into your account

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Between your smartphone, desktop at work, tablet, laptop at home and whatever else in between, keeping track of the devices your Google account is signed into can be a hassle. Next time you notice strange activities occurring with one of… Go To Full Article

ARM fails to dent X86 server market

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Beancounters at mighty chip behemoth Intel can stop playing with their worry beads as it looks as though servers based on ARM technology are failing to dent X86 server business. A report in Taiwanese wire Digitimes said… Go To Full Article

Virtual reality boggles the brain

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Yesterday we reported that Thomas Cook wants to woo customers by showing them fun places they might like to book a holiday. And so they might be interested in research from UCLA which finds the brain reacts… Go To Full Article

Corsair Obsidian 250D @ techPowerUp

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
We have reviewed most Obsidian cases in the past - with a few exceptions. One being the the tiny but capable 250D, the smallest chassis in this family of enclosures. This review of the Corsair Obsidian 250D will show whether… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Announces Seidon 120V Ver 2 CPU Cooler

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Cooler Master announces today the Seidon 120V Ver.2, the latest additions to Cooler Master's all-in-one liquid cooling line. Cooler master already launched its first AIO liquid cooler in March 2004, getting back to the liquid cooling market in 2012. This… Go To Full Article

Intel's 3D NAND to Ship in H2'15: 256Gbit Die & 32 Layers

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Last Thursday in its annual Investor Meeting Intel revealed the first details of its 3D NAND technology and announced that it will begin the shipments of 3D NAND in the second half of 2015. While Intel's investment in 3D NAND… Go To Full Article

Fractal Design Announces Define R5 Chassis

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
The wait is over! Fractal Design is proud to announce the next generation of the, worldwide, award winning Define series. Fractal Design Define R5 is the next evolution in the widely popular Define Series. Packed with intelligently designed enthusiast-oriented features… Go To Full Article

Synology Unveils DiskStation DS215j NAS

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
Synology today launched DiskStation DS215j, a 2-bay NAS server designed for home and personal users to manage data, stream media contents, synchronize files on the cloud, while keeping their digital assets safe and secure. "The DS215j is packed with advanced… Go To Full Article

Amazon will now deliver to your local Post Office

@ 2014/11/26 read/post comments(0)
As Amazon prepares for another bumper Christmas, the internet giant has been doing all it can to ensure its logistics are in order. Just over a week ago, it debuted free same-day delivery for Prime members, striking a blow against… Go To Full Article

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