AMD Radeon R7 240GB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2014-12-16 read/post comments(0)

The R7 240 AMD-Branded SSD succeeds to perform really well and positions itself along with the latest Vertex 460 and Vector 150 drives from OCZ; the product succeeds to render very good write speeds and it comes in 7mm format, which makes it compatible with the latest ultrabooks. AMD has extended the warranty to 4 years and for added value we are also getting the Acronis proven drive cloning software for easy migration. read more

E-CEROS Revolution 2 Tablet Review

Mobile/Tablets by stefan @ 2014-12-11 read/post comments(0)

The tablet from the E-CEROS Chinese OEM has really impressed us in terms of performance; Revolution 2 is the successor of the original Revolution tablet which was launched last year and packs a gorgeous IPS 2048x1536 9.7’’ display and in some way it has some resemblances with the Apple products. read more

Edifier Tick Tock Bluetooth Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2014-12-10 read/post comments(0)

Do not be deceived by the mousy look of the retro Edifier Tick Tock Bluetooth retro alarm clock; thanks to the dual drivers, it is able to produce decent quality sound without distortions and at pretty high volumes. The bass is a little on the low side which is perfectly understandable but considering the overall size of the device, we cannot consider this as a negative point. read more

Fractal Kelvin T12 AIO Watercooling Kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2014-12-05 read/post comments(0)

Fractal already revealed its upcoming Kelvin water cooling series at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover; at Computex we saw the same prototypes again. Back than the launch date was foreseen for mid-summer. Now on the 9th of December 2014 it is D-day for the new breed of All In One water cooling setups. Fractal proudly announces three AIO models today: the 120mm radiator T12 Kelvin, the S24 being the 240 radiator version and the flagship S36 will be the triple fan version. Today we have a look at the smallest version, the Kelvin T12; this might be together with the S24 the most enclosure compatible version as not all PC cases support a big 360 radiator. It must be said the… read more

ECS Z97I-DRONE Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1150 by stefan @ 2014-12-03 read/post comments(0)

ECS does not disappoint with the release of the cheap ECS Z97I-Drone which allows installation of a powerful Haswell processor which can be paired with RAM up to 16GB and eventually a potent VGA card inside the provided PCI Express x16 slot; be warned however that using a beefy CPU cooler will likely cover the PCI-Express slot completely so we would recommend either sticking with the stock Intel cooler or adopting an all-in-one water cooling solution, which is so accessible these days. read more


Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-11-30 read/post comments(0)

The ASUS Open Overclocking CUP, in short AOOC 2014, is the event to host the clash between Europe's fastest overclockers. After going through three online qualifying stages 16 overclockers received their ticket to participate in the grand final. Event location is the immaculate Moscow Cyber Stadium; yes you guessed it located in the heart of the Russian Capital city. Madshrimps was invited in assisting the highly motivated Overclocking.TV crew in their shout cast. read more
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Hardware or Gadgets/Multimedia news

Minecraft creator outbids Jay-Z, buys priciest home in Beverly Hills

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
If you need yet another sign that the game industry is a serious business force and that game creators are the new entertainment moguls, look no further than the newest purchase by Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Person. The Mojang cofounder,… Go To Full Article

'Minecraft' success helps its creator buy a $70 million mansion

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
It can be difficult for us commoners to fathom just how much money a billion is. So, if you need to see more than just a figure to fully digest the kind of wealth Notch got from selling Minecraft to… Go To Full Article

Cougar Readies 500K Entry Level Gaming Keyboard

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Cougar is expanding its gaming keyboard lineup with the entry-level 500K. While its bigger siblings, the 700K, and 600K, feature mechanical switches, the 500K offers gaming-grade membrane keys. The keyset resembles the 700K, more than the 600K; with its nine… Go To Full Article

Samsung will shut down its ChatOn messaging service next year

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
After denying reports that its ChatOn service was close to being disbanded on a region-by-region basis, Samsung has announced in Korea that it's going away. According to Yonhap News, Samsung's statement said it will close up shop on February 1st.… Go To Full Article

Secret reboots its anonymous sharing app in search of a future

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Secret first sprung into life in February 2014 as an app/social space where people could get together and engage in real talk, all while leaving their real names checked at the door. It generated Silicon Valley acquisition rumors. It sparked… Go To Full Article

Luxa2 E-One Headset Stand Review @HiTech Legion

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
The Luxa2 E-One headset is a nice addition to my desk. I have seen many computer cases boasting a headset holder, but I find the Luxa2 E-One makes it much easier to access my headset while sitting at my desk,… Go To Full Article

Google's 'Android M' project hooks cars directly to the internet

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
If Reuters' rumors are true, then apparently the folks at Mountain View think Android Auto isn't going far enough. Citing unnamed sources, the details indicate an Android M initiative that builds directly into the cars -- no smartphone necessary --… Go To Full Article

How do You Find the ‘Last Modified’ Date for Services in Windows?

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
If you have a compromised Windows system and want to analyze when services were installed or modified, then how do you do that? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to a curious reader’s question. Go To Full Article

Amazon Prime Now brought me candy in 23 minutes

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Amazon's new one-hour delivery service, Prime Now, works so well it might just inspire entirely new levels of laziness in all of us. After all, why bother going to the store when you just need to shell out $7.99 to… Go To Full Article

Which Chromebooks are worth buying?

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Seven years ago, netbooks were all the rage with consumers, providing a cheap and easy way to get online and carry out other basic computing tasks. They died out as cellphones and tablets became popular, with some companies even forecasting… Go To Full Article

Beta Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaks

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
The leaked firmware can be downloaded by anyone and offers a bug-riddled preview of Lollipop on the device. Galaxy Note 3 owners have already gotten a look at what Android 5.0 Lollipop will look like on their device, and now… Go To Full Article

Hulu's push for exclusives gets a big boost from Fox

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
As we've said so many times (this week) the battle between streaming services has become all about what exclusive content each one has to offer, and with HBO joining in soon it's only going to get tougher. It's no surprise… Go To Full Article

Corsair Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse Review

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
We are looking at the new Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse Corsair. It uses a 5000 DPI optical sensor and have an adjustable weight system Go To Full Article

EyeEm now lets you see how other users tweak their photos

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Mobile photo editing apps are hardly in short supply these days, but EyeEm has attempted to stand out from the crowd with its focus on sharing, community and discovery. Now, only days after Instagram released a bunch of new filters,… Go To Full Article

Android 5.1 Lollipop update reportedly coming out February

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Google’s latest Android release – 5.0 Lollipop is one of its biggest ever and comes with a number of changes that make it perhaps the most important Android update yet. Android 5.0 Lollipop has been on devices barely for a… Go To Full Article

Sony reaffirms early 2015 Lollipop rollout for Xperia Z2 & Xperia Z3

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Sony was among the first major Android OEMs to share their update plans regarding Android 5.0 Lollipop. Back in October, the company made a post on its official blog describing its plans to update the entire Xperia Z-series of smartphones… Go To Full Article

Micromax launches Cyanogen powered YU Yureka for $143

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
It’s finally here. After teasing its first YU smartphone for a few days, Micromax has finally made its Cyanogen powered smartphone official. The first YU branded device has been named Yureka and comes with a mouthwater price tag of just… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte X99-UD7 WiFi Mainboard

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
The Gigabyte X99-UD7 WiFi Mainboard arrived Technic3D. We check the E-ATX-Mainboard with Intel X99 chipset functions and Performance in the following Review with a Intel Core i7-5820K CPU on Windows 7 64 Bit. Go To Full Article

Catalyst Omega - A Closer Look @ Vortez

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
The name - Catalyst Omega – immediately underscores the importance of the update in a way that a simple number cannot. Whilst ‘Catalyst 14.9.3 beta candidate 3’ sends gamers to sleep (unless it contains a critical fix for their game… Go To Full Article

Lian Li Launches O Series Wall-Mountable Chassis

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today launches the O Series open-air, wall-mountable chassis: PC-O5, PC-O5S, PC-O6S and PC-O7S. Previewed to the worldwide technology community in its prototype stage, the O Series chassis final design reflect the feedback of the DIY community,… Go To Full Article

Algoriddim takes on Traktor with its djay Pro desktop app

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Algoriddim's popular mixing app, djay, is a lesson in mass appeal. If you see yourself playing in clubs and festivals, you'll likely be reaching for software like Serato, or Traktor. But, if you own a phone or a tablet (and… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE X99-Gaming G1 WIFI Motherboard Review

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
The gaming motherboard range from a manufacturer is one with a lot of focus in terms of design and function due to the increase in gaming related PC sales. On the Haswell-E side of gaming, GIGABYTE is putting forward the… Go To Full Article

Grand Theft Auto V PC Transfers Clarified

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Blue's News has the rundown on Grand Theft Auto V PC transfers, how it works and when we'll see PC system specs. A couple of specific questions about the upcoming PC edition are answered, including a reassurance that players who… Go To Full Article

Hacking your iCloud files just got easier, even with two-step enabled

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
An update to Elcomsoft's Phone Breaker software now makes it easier for good or bad guys to bypass Apple's vaunted new two-factor authentication to steal your iCloud stuff. As before, the hackers would need some information to start with --… Go To Full Article

Best High-End Laptops: Holiday 2014

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Our holiday guides have covered a lot of products so far, and just on the laptop side of things we've looked at budget laptops, Chromebooks, and mainstream offerings – and let's not forget the related Tablets guide, which overlaps with… Go To Full Article

Amazon offers one-hour deliveries with Prime Now

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
A new service called Prime Now is launching today, which will let Prime members order "tens of thousands" of "daily essentials" for immediate delivery. The new service looks like a response to Google's same-day Shopping Express launched last year. On...… Go To Full Article

NASA delays 'capture the asteroid' plan until next year

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Now that the ESA has landed on a comet, NASA wants to do them one better: capture an entire asteroid (or a piece of one) and put it in orbit around the moon in 2019. That's the Asteroid Redirect Mission… Go To Full Article

Lumia Denim update starts rolling out to Lumia smartphones

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
The rollout has commenced in China and is expected to spread to other regions in the coming weeks. Microsoft has started rolling out the latest update for Nokia’s Lumia devices, dubbed Lumia Denim. The update is currently rolling out in… Go To Full Article

Brit launches first Bitcoin marketplace

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
Entrepreneur Nick Boardman said he has introduced a Bitcoin online company which uses Bitcoins as its sole currency. BTXDeals will differ from other etailers by offering a cost per sale that’s lower than 50 percent of charges… Go To Full Article

North Korea causes US to surrender

@ 2014/12/19 read/post comments(0)
When it comes to winning a war which does not involve flinging bullets at the enemy, flying high tech-drones, or cruise missiles, it seems that the US is hopeless. After the FBI identified that the Sony hack… Go To Full Article

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