HIS Multi-View X2 USB Docking Station Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2015-03-31 read/post comments(0)

The Multi-View X2 USB Docking Station from HIS is a real help when we are frequently on the road or even at offices if using compact laptops/ultrabooks with a low number of ports. With laptops and Windows tablets, we are able to have up to four displays on at the same time (the internal display, the second display via the tablet/laptop HDMI output, third and fourth display thanks to the dock), but also plenty of USB ports for data transfer, quick charging or connecting various peripherals. In case we lack a LAN port, the dock also provides it for us, along with an additional headphone and microphone jack. read more

Silicon Power Stream S06 4TB USB 3.0 HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2015-03-28 read/post comments()

The Stream S06 4TB variant from Silicon Power is incorporating drives from Seagate, and to be more exact the ST4000DM000 model, which is built to support the 6Gb/s SATA interface, with a spindle speed of 5900RPM. The drive is featuring four platters, 1TB each and comes with a power consumption of 7.5W in normal operation, IDLE of 5W, while the sleep mode would only require 0.75W. read more

Toshiba MG04ACA400A 4TB Enterprise HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2015-03-21 read/post comments()

The new MG04ACA series from Toshiba is composed from drives which are meant for enterprise, mission-critical applications, while sporting higher transfer rates and capacities. The tested sample comes with 128MB of cache and comes in two versions, depending on the applications it is needed for: with 512 sector emulation or strictly with 4K sector. Make sure to choose wisely which drive is for you and your setups in order to bypass any incompatibilities which may arise. read more

ASUSTOR AS5104T 4-bay NAS Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2015-03-17 read/post comments()

The AS5104T NAS from ASUSTOR is built upon the proven chassis solution we have found on their previous generations, with an easy readable LCD display and additional buttons for performing the initial configuration without the need of a PC or extra software. The Celeron J1900 quad-core processor at its core delivers very good transfer rates when moving data; this is paired with a 2GB SODIMM module but the memory can be upgraded up to 8GB if needed, when we are running multiple services at once. read more

KingSing T8 Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-03-10 read/post comments()

Along with the Elephone G3, this is the second low-cost smartphone we are testing on MadShrimps.be and we can consider ourselves impressed that for only $99 we are receiving a product with an exterior design similar to one of the Xiaomi flagships, is equipped MTKs last year octa-core processor and is paired with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. read more

Corsair Gaming H1500 Dolby Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2015-03-09 read/post comments()

The H1500 headset takes part of the latest Corsair Gaming series, packs dual 50mm drives and is able to emulate 7.1 surround sound thanks to the Dolby Pro Logic IIx certification. The product comes with a 3-meter cable and on it we will also find a tiny remote which allows working with the volume control or for muting the microphone. read more
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Nikon's dive into 4K starts with the 1 J5 mirrorless camera

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Nikon's bread-and-butter business may be its entry-level and high-end DSLRs, but the point-and-shoot and mirrorless models are equally as important to the company. This is particularly true now more than ever, as these cheaper cameras begin to lose g...… Go To Full Article

Duck-like US Navy drone can fly or swim to hunt submarines

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
There are plenty of flying and swimming drones, but you'd ideally have both at once for sub-hunting -- you want something that can poke its head underwater, but move quickly through the air when needed. The US Navy certainly knows… Go To Full Article

Pew: 7 percent of Americans only use their phone for internet access

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
You probably lean heavily on your smartphone for internet access these days, but for some Americans it's not a nice-to-have convenience... it's their only way of getting online. Pew Research Center's latest survey estimates that 7 percent of American...… Go To Full Article

Create better 3D models by waving your smartphone around

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Sure your smartphone makes for a passable 3D scanner, but it still can't determine the size of an item. Fortunately, Carnegie Mellon researchers are able to discover the scale of an object using a smartphone's camera and its IMU (inertial… Go To Full Article

AMD To Face Securities Fraud Lawsuit

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
In a bit of news that’s unfortunately not an April Fool’s joke, a US District Court has ruled that AMD must face claims from investors over potential securities fraud committed by the company. At the heart of… Go To Full Article

EE giving all customers portable chargers they can refuel in stores

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Carriers are forever looking at new ways to incentivise customers -- whether it be with a subscription to this, or discounts on that, and so on -- but we can't recall any perk that's quite as practical as the one… Go To Full Article

'Mario Kart 8' adds 'Animal Crossing' DLC earlier than expected

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
The next round of downloadable content for Mario Kart 8, a pack featuring tracks and items from the Animal Crossing series, will hit the Wii U on April 23rd, Nintendo announced today. The DLC pack was originally scheduled to launch… Go To Full Article

Basics of quantum teleportation now fit on a single chip

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Until now, quantum teleportation (that is, sending quantum data from one place to another) has required a room-filling machine. That's not going to usher in a brave new era of quantum computing, is it? However, a team of British and… Go To Full Article

ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP! EXTREME & CORE Review @ Vortez

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
The two samples on review today hail from the AMP! Extreme end of the range with the Core version being the fastest on paper, albeit by just 25MHz (base clock). As you will see though, the two graphics cards are… Go To Full Article

Security conference effectively bans booth babes from its show floor

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
The issue of booth babes -- scantily clad people attempting to lure unsuspecting buyers towards second-rate products -- has once again reared its head within the industry. This time out, cryptography and information security gathering RSA has effecti... Go To Full Article

How to Change OS X’s Finder to Suit Your Preferences

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
OS X’s Finder seems pretty simple by all outward appearances, but it’s actually got a lot of different parts that you have to know about to effectively use it. A good way to master the Finder is to take advantage… Go To Full Article

TweetDeck for Mac finally gets features the web version already has

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Over the past few months, Twitter has added a load of useful features to TweetDeck on the web, leaving the desktop app to age. Well, the Mac version of the 140-character social network software is finally getting some of those… Go To Full Article

Crashing this 80-megapixel drone camera is a $60K mistake

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Phase One has debuted what it's calling "the world's smallest" 80-megapixel medium format camera. The Phase One iXU 180 weighs just two pounds and its body is barely bigger than the Schneider-Kreuznach lense it's attached to. That means the entire… Go To Full Article

AeroCool Aero-1000 Case Review

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
AeroCool was founded back in 2001. They produce a lot of different PC components including Cases, Power Supply Units, Keyboards and Cooling. The product we are looking at today is the AeroCool Aero-1000 Case. … Go To Full Article

ASUS X99-A Motherboard Review @HiTech Legion

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
"ASUS has presented an excellent X99 based motherboard with the X99-A model, of course it is designed for high end machines since it uses the LGA 2011-3 socket. You also have to consider what you are getting with a Haswell-E… Go To Full Article

The maker of 'Eve' is betting big on VR and it might pay off

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
It's been a very rough 18 months for the makers of Eve Online, CCP. The company has lost money, canceled the long-delayed World of Darkness MMO, laid off well over 100 employees and said goodbye to two high-profile execs. It… Go To Full Article

Patriot Ignite 480GB @ LanOC Reviews

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Even after our LAN this weekend I'm not burnt out on all of the storage talk, so it is only fitting that I continue our streak of SSD reviews. Today I have a drive from Patriot in the office. Specifically… Go To Full Article

Facebook Riff has you making videos with your friends' help

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
No, Facebook isn't done experimenting with mobile apps yet -- meet Riff, a just-launched app for Android and iOS that has you building collaborative videos. You start by recording a short clip (under 20 seconds) and giving it a topic.… Go To Full Article

Corsair's M63MM RGB mouse is bringing balls back

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
With the resurgence of mechanical keyboards in recent years, it was only a matter of time until someone pined for the direct, warm, distinctly analog feel of the ball mouse. In a "why didn't someone think of that sooner?" moment,… Go To Full Article

Shoot retro space bullets at friends' phones in real time with 'Dual'

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Dual is more than a retro-styled space shooter. It's even more than a mobile game, and if developer Sebastian Gosztyla has his way, it's more than a video game, period. He wants Dual to be a catalyst for physical interaction.… Go To Full Article

Asus' ROG Sica cuts the gaming mouse to the bare essentials

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
A mouse isn't just a mouse these days. As with running shoes or golf clubs, we now have an abundance of different takes on the humble rodent, each increasingly attuned to the needs of the various stripes of gamers out… Go To Full Article

Sony sells a chunk of its Olympus stake for a fast buck

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Kaz Hirai's plans to save Sony have run from integrating its many disparate business units through to just selling off everything, even the stuff that's nailed down. Now, the company is getting rid of half of its stake in Olympus… Go To Full Article

Here's why Xeon D could make dual-socket servers scarce

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Intel's introduction of the Broadwell-based Xeon D processor was rather low-key, but I think this chip (along with its successors) is poised to push traditional 2P Xeons to the sidelines in most data center installations over the next five years.… Go To Full Article

Touchscreen-enabled routers double as home automation hubs

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
If at all possible, we like to keep our router and hub count down to a nice round number of "one." That's the idea behind a pair of new models from Almond which eliminate the need to have both a… Go To Full Article

PlayStation's original programming future depends on 'Powers'

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Powers is the first series to come from Sony PlayStation's original programming push, a partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, and it's not rated "E" for everyone. With comic books as its source material, the racy superhero cop drama from crea... Go To Full Article

MSI 970 GAMING AM3+ Motherboard

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
There is a review of the MSI 970 GAMING AM3+ motherboard posted this morning at HwC. As far as I can tell, this looks like a regular ol' non-April Fool's Day review. No joke. Due to what we can only… Go To Full Article

​Selfie sticks are banned at Coachella and Lollapalooza

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
If you're heading to either music festival this year, you can leave that selfie stick behind. Both April's Coachella and Lollapalooza in July have added the rods to their prohibited item lists. At Lollapalooza, the rules stipulate no "GoPro attachmen... Go To Full Article

Motorola tackles the perfect selfie art with the Moto Selfie Stick

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Too sweet to be true, the highly customizable smartphone accessory really isn’t… true, that is. Can we all agree, as a rule of thumb, April Fools’ Day pranks are childish and stupid, and people with little to no sense of… Go To Full Article

Samsung Galaxy Alpha to get Android 5.0 Lollipop ‘imminently’

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
Samsung’s first metallic Android phone will soon make the jump to the latest version of Android. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge might be taking the world by storm right now, but there’s no denying the fact that the… Go To Full Article

Rockchip SoC powers $149 Chromebooks, sub-$100 dongle

@ 2015/04/02 read/post comments(0)
A quad-core Rockchip SoC has landed in a bunch of budget Chrome devices. The RK3288 clocks 32-bit Cortex-A17 CPU cores up to 1.8GHz alongside a reasonably potent Mali-T760 GPU. Rockchip claims the integrated design enables smaller circuit boards and lower… Go To Full Article

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