Shuttle DS57U Barebone Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2015-08-04 read/post comments()

Shuttle has built the DS57U inside a proven chassis, which takes quite little space and succeeds to cool the internal components without the need of extra fans; one of the case laterals is acting like a huge heatsink and in this case it only remains warm even when the system is stressed to the max. Besides the Intel Celeron 3205U, we will also find models on the same platform with the Intel i3-5005U CPU (DS57U3), the Intel i5-5200U CPU (DS57U5) or the Intel i7-5500U CPU (DS57U7). For extra value we are also offered a VESA mount and screws, in order to easily install the unit behind our office monitor (when applicable). read more

Toshiba FlashAir III Wireless SD Card Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2015-08-01 read/post comments()

As the previous FlashAir 32GB card we have tested, its latest version comes with about the same features, but we have improvements on the transfer rates, while we have seen that the wireless speeds have remained the same. Regarding the wireless interface, we can obtain similar speeds as with the previous version, but keep in mind that multiple factors can affect the wireless transfer speeds like the number of available 2.4GHz networks in the area, shielding inside the camera we are using FlashAir on, performance of the Wi-FI adapter from our desktop/laptop/tablet and so on. read more

QNAP TS-453mini NAS Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2015-07-28 read/post comments()

Powered by a dedicated and efficient platform from Intel, the J1900 quad-core processor and paired with 2GB of RAM, the TS-453mini is running the last version of the fully-fledged QTS which is currently at its 4.1.4 version and is also sporting a unique-shaped chassis design. Speaking about the chassis, now it looks more stylish, ideal to be installed in our living-room and the discrete LEDs help us find out the system status at all times; the memory is now very easy upgradable up to 8GB of RAM by simply removing a small plastic cover on the bottom area of the unit. read more

HIS Radeon R9 390 IceQ X2 OC 8GB Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2015-07-25 read/post comments()

The technology incorporated inside the R9 390 GPU is not new but is based on the Hawaii (now baptized Grenada), with the same shader count, texture units, ROPs and so on. The manufacturing process is also still 28nm but there are minor improvements which allow running the card at higher speeds and the memory quantity has been doubled, from 4GB to 8GB. Since the HIS R9 390 IceQ X2 is marketed as a pre-overclocked card, the GPU clocked has been raised to 1020MHz instead of 1000MHz stock, while the memory clock remains the same as the OEM AMD cards. read more

VKWorld VK6735 Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-07-22 read/post comments()

VK6735 from VKWorld is another low-cost smartphone which is using the already established VK6735 SoC but at a lower frequency of 1GHz, while sporting the same ARM Mali-T720 GPU. We get 2GB of RAM for running more applications in the same time, 16GB of storage space with a single partition and the possibility to install a SD card makes things more interesting. The VK6735 is dual-SIM and features integrated 4G LTE WorldMode and CDMA2000 3G for global high-speed mobile network compatibility and is also equipped with a Sony 13MP shooter on the back while the selfie camera is 5MP. Of course, the VK6735 also comes with Android 5.1 release pre-installed which is the latest available for the current SoC. read more

OCZ Vector 180 240GB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2015-07-19 read/post comments()

The Vector 180 from OCZ takes part from their high-end offerings and besides the useful Power Failure Management Plus (PFM+) addition, we do also benefit from the ShieldPlus warranty which implies no shipping costs and no extra hassles. Thanks to the OCZ Barefoot 3 M00 controller, the performances of the drive are top-notch and succeeds to stay in top for both read and write operations which is great for gamers or the usual workstation activities. read more
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Apple Readies New iMac Desktops for Q3-2015

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Apple is readying a new generation of iMac desktops, which it plans to launch in Q3-2015, likely at its September press event. The new Macs are expected to come with faster processors (likely Intel "Skylake,") faster DDR4 memory, and an… Go To Full Article

Unigen Announces 1TB SATA III 2.5-inch SSD Solutions

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Unigen Corporation has announced an MLC NAND flash based 2.5" SATA III SSD solution in densities up to 1TB. This SSD solution is intended for high density storage, cloud storage, industrial, and networking applications. The products are designed around a… Go To Full Article

Unigen Announces DDR4 Modules

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Unigen Corporation, a Leading Integrated Solutions Provider and Manufacturer of Enterprise Class Flash Storage SSDs and DRAM Modules, today announced the availability of its latest lineup of DDR4 memory modules for embedded, networking, and enterprise applications. Using… Go To Full Article

'Gunjack,' a VR space shooter that puts you in the cockpit

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
You're sitting in the pilot seat of a cutting-edge spacecraft outfitted with two heavy-duty turrets. The inky universe expands around you and begins to populate with enemy ships: You pull the triggers and shoot them down, gathering new ammunition f... Go To Full Article

Toshiba Unveils 256 Gigabit 48-layer 3D TLC NAND Chip

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Toshiba Corporation today unveiled the new generation of BiCS FLASH, a three-dimensional (3D) stacked cell structure flash memory. The new device is the world's first 256-gigabit (32gigabytes) 48-layer BiCS device and also deploys industry-leading 3-bit-per-cell (triple-level cell, TLC) technology. Sample… Go To Full Article

Lollipop now on 18.1 percent of Android devices

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
After skipping the month of July, Google is back in August with the latest distribution numbers for each version of Android. The numbers show that Android Lollipop is now on 18.1 percent of devices, making the jump from 12.4 percent… Go To Full Article

Matchstick's Firefox OS-based TV dongle is dead

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Bad news if you backed Matchstick's crowdfunded, Firefox OS-powered TV adapter: it's not going to happen. The team has cancelled its would-be Chromecast rival after realizing that implementing copyright protection will require "significantly more"... Go To Full Article

Twitter tries out a dedicated News tab

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
If you're noticing a new tab at the bottom of your Twitter app for iOS and Android, you're not alone. The social network is experimenting with a "Featured News" tab that surfaces trending news items in its mobile apps to… Go To Full Article

HIS R9 380 IceQ X2 Review @ PureOverclock

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
“Finding a sweet spot for a gaming graphics card in around the $200 range is key for consumers. Today we’re looking at the HIS R9 380 IceQ X2, a card that boasts a custom heatsink and a factory overclock, for… Go To Full Article

Final zombies pack for 'CoD: Advanced Warfare' hits tomorrow

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's "Exo Zombies" mode might not feature a megalodon-esque sea-borne monstrosity, but it does have John Malkovich doing his best Werner Herzog impression for the voice over. So there's that. This...… Go To Full Article

'Star Trek's' Uhura will join a NASA mission (but not to space)

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Making geek dreams come true, Star Trek's original Lt. Uhura, Michelle Nichols, announced a few days ago that she's going on a mission for NASA. But don't get your hopes up Nichols getting into space -- she's actually flying on… Go To Full Article

PlayStation Now game streaming officially arrives on Vita and PS TV

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
If you've been itchin' to give PlayStation Now's streaming a go on your gaming handheld, the wait is over. The subscription service officially arrived on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, delivering access to over 125 games on those two… Go To Full Article

Researchers inject oil into cells and create little lasers

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
The Massachusetts General Hospital research team that lit up human cells with the help of jellyfish genes a few years ago are back with a more advanced version of the technology. This new version forgoes the complicated external mirror setup… Go To Full Article

$18 million up for grabs in this week's 'Dota 2' championships

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
The International is back and bigger than ever. The 2015 championships for Dota 2, Valve's massively popular MOBA, take off today in the "main event" stage, beginning with three matches between LGD Gaming and Team Empire. In total, 16 teams… Go To Full Article

Strontium Nitro Plus Nano USB 3.0 64GB Flash Drive Capsule Review

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Flash drives are a dime a dozen these days, and most of them carry uninteresting specifications. In particular, flash drives advertising smaller physical footprints have tended to carry disappointing performance numbers. We were surprised when Strontium sent us their announcement… Go To Full Article

'Plasmonics' could lead to super-fast optic communications

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new kind of material that could improve the speed of optical communications by as much as 5000 times the current state of the art. The material is made of aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO)… Go To Full Article

The US wants you to track endangered wildlife with your phone

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
The next time you go fishing, make sure to bring your smartphone... it might just help you protect an endangered species. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is partnering with the developers of mobile app FishBrain to crowdsource conversation data.... Go To Full Article

World's first braille smartwatch is an ebook reader and more

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
On the surface, Dot sounds like a fairly standard smartwatch: It resembles a Fitbit and features a messaging system, navigation functions, Bluetooth 4.0, an alarm and, of course, a timepiece. Dot is remarkable because it's a braille smartwatch -- t... Go To Full Article

Sony announces the Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia M5

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Both devices feature 13-megapixel front cameras. Sony has unleashed two new Xperia phones today, the Xperia C5 Ultra and the Xperia M5. These phones cover both ends of the screen size spectrum with 6-inch and 5-inch displays respectively. Sony is… Go To Full Article

Xiaomi retakes the smartphone lead in China as Apple slips

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
It looks like Apple's time at the top of China's smartphone heap was short-lived. Researchers at Canalys estimate that local brand Xiaomi has once again become the country's smartphone market share leader, snagging 15.9 percent of shipments during... Go To Full Article

anidees AI7m @ techPowerUp

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
The anidees AI7m offers full mATX compatibility in a cube chassis, while retaining the ability to equip your system with a large CPU cooler. Having reviewed anidees cases in the past, it'll be interesting to see what the new line… Go To Full Article

Samsung U32E850R 32-inch Ultra HD Monitor with AMD FreeSync Now Available

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Samsung made its premium 32-inch Ultra HD monitor with AMD FreeSync support (model: U32E850R) available in retail stores. It is priced around US $1,199. The U32E850R features a 32-inch PLS panel, with 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) native… Go To Full Article

Apple and BMW might resume talks on a car in the future

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Currently the two companies have not formally confirmed that they might partner on a car. It has increasingly been reported that Apple wants to make a car, possibly a self-driving electric car and while the company’s automotive plans remain a… Go To Full Article

iPhone 6s display panel leaked

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Apparently this our first look yet at an assembled iPhone 6s display panel. Apple is due to launch new iPhones in less than two months from now which is why the rumor mill is now in overdrive and we’re seeing… Go To Full Article

The Right Way to Do A Hacker Conference

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
DEFCON is huge. Last year attendance tipped at about 16k, and we’d wager this year will be even bigger. [Brian] and I will both be among those attending (more on that below) but I wanted to take this time to… Go To Full Article

Apple may release new iMacs this quarter

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
They’re likely to bring better displays and improved processors. Apple last made a change to the iMac lineup earlier this year in May when it launched a relatively cheaper 27-inch model, since then there have been rumors that the company… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Tundra TD02-E Watercooler Review @ Hardware Asylum

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
In this review we will be looking at the Silverstone Tundra TD02-E. This is a dual fan AIO watercooling unit that has taken the Silverstone design principles and applied them to every aspect of this product from the pump and… Go To Full Article

Gear up for a flood of Sony gadget announcements at IFA on September 2

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
Save the date, smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV, digital camera, gaming and audio accessories enthusiasts, and expect Berlin, Germany to be invaded with exciting gadgetry! Just because two very impressive mid-tier Xperia handhelds have rolled out with roughly a month to… Go To Full Article

Soylent 2.0 comes ready-made in bottles

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
The next version of Soylent is perfect for anyone who's been intrigued by the curiously named food replacement, but doesn't want to deal with mixing messy powders and storing pitchers of liquid. Soylent 2.0 is actually going to be pre-mixed… Go To Full Article

Buying 'Gears of War: Ultimate Edition' gets you past games, too

@ 2015/08/04 read/post comments(0)
It's all well and good that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition lets you relive the original game in the series, but what about the other three titles? Don't worry -- you'll get those too. Microsoft and The Coalition have revealed… Go To Full Article

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