OCZ ARC 100 240GB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2015-05-20 read/post comments()

With the ARC 100, OCZ has succeeded to bring another affordable SSD product on the market, which is utilizing the Barefoot 3 M10 controller, the latest Toshiba A19nm MLC NAND and while it does not break records, it is very durable as it has been demonstrated before by some other review websites. read more

Fractal Design Kelvin S36 360mm Liquid Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2015-05-19 read/post comments(0)

Swedish Fractal Design already revealed its upcoming Kelvin CPU water cooling series way back at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover. At last year's Computex we saw the same prototypes again, scheduled for a summer release. Finally in December 2014 the retail versions popped up; Fractal Design added three AIO models to their Kelvin AIO line-up: a 120mm radiator T12 Kelvin, the S24 being the 240 radiator version and the flagship S36 as the triple fan version. Today we have a look at the latter version, the Kelvin S36. The AIO market is already pretty saturated with versions from Antec, Corsair, Cooler Master, Enermax and Swiftech. What makes this Fractal Design S36 stand out from the crowd? Time to explore the Sweed's… read more

Toshiba MQ02ABF075 2.5'' Mobile Thin HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2015-05-16 read/post comments()

The MQ02ABF075 drive from Toshiba exhibits good performances for a 5400RPM drive and comes with two platters and four heads on a 7mm form factor. This drive is mostly meant for ultrabooks and high-end multimedia devices, which do not need very high read/write performances but more storage space at a low price, while conserving battery life. read more

TP-LINK Archer C9 Wireless Dual Band Router Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2015-05-13 read/post comments()

Based on a second generation Broadcom chipset, the Archer C9 AC1900 router shares many characteristics with the C8 which we have reviewed previously, including elements of design. The router takes quite little space on the table and is ventilated properly thanks to the grill located in the back. We again have two USB ports available for data transfer or for connecting printers; in our tests, the USB 3.0 transfer speeds seem to be quite improved, but it won’t be able to match low-end NAS capabilities yet. read more

Synology DiskStation DS415+ NAS Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2015-05-12 read/post comments()

Synology has amazed us again with one of their latest NAS server releases, the DS415+, which is built around the Intel Rangeley platform which incorporates the Atom C2538 SoC (4C/4T Silvermont Cores @ 2.4GHz) which is paired with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. read more

VKWorld VK2015 Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-05-03 read/post comments()

Based on the older MT6582 quad-core SoC from MediaTek, the VK2015 low-cost smartphone is snappy enough for being used with the latest social applications like Facebook, Skype but also for playing simple games as Angry Birds. The chassis has rounded edges and a rubberized plastic back cover, it is easy to hold and be used with a single hand because of the smaller footprint and does not creak when pressed in certain areas. Thanks to the dual-SIM feature, we are offered more flexibility if we use two different service providers. read more
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Blackview Zeta Launch

@ 2015/05/23 read/post comments(0)
Blackview have recently launched another mainstream smartphone, the ZETA, which is available in multiple colors in order to accommodate plenty of tastes (Apple Green, Dark Pacific Blue, Lemon Yellow, Pearl Pink or Pearl White). Go To Full Article

Help these 30-year-old Intellivision games live again on PC

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
One of the biggest problems facing video games as an artistic medium is one of preservation. Thanks to HD remasters, digital distribution and the Internet Archive that's becoming less of an issue. But we still need to do more to… Go To Full Article

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Benchmarked, Performance Review

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
After much anticipation and a few delays, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has launched this week to critical acclaim. However, it seems CD Projekt Red downgraded some of the visuals that were previously expected to be in the PC build… Go To Full Article

Firefox will look at your history to show Suggested Tile ads

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Starting next week, Firefox beta users will start seeing "Suggested" tiles whenever they open a new tab. These are ad tiles clearly marked as such (see bottom left above), which are a separate entity from the Directory tiles Mozilla launched… Go To Full Article

Razer's latest gaming mouse mat is a light-up wonderland

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Think your mouse pad is a little lifeless? Razer thinks it can spruce things up. Its new Firefly gaming mat is ringed with customizable lighting that can glow and pulse in 16.8 million colors. It'll even sync with Razer's Chroma-badged… Go To Full Article

Adobe says goodbye to its Photoshop Touch app, hello to Project Rigel

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Adobe's been keen on new mobile apps as of late, but today it announced the end of the road for one of its more popular pieces of software. As of next week, Photoshop Touch will no longer be available in… Go To Full Article

Apple prepping iOS software tweaks for 12-inch iPad Pro

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Recently a report claimed that the 12-inch iPad Pro model will not be arriving this year. While it is still not confirmed if the tablet will show up this year or next year, 9To5Mac today published a report that reveals… Go To Full Article

Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus to come with 2GB LPDDR4 RAM & 32GB base storage option

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Research firm TrendForce has come up with some new info on Apple’s upcoming iPhones, including shipment estimates. According to the report, Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus could come with 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM from Samsung and SK Hynix. A… Go To Full Article

'Need for Speed' reboot rolls out this fall

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
When EA's quarterly report dropped earlier in May, it included a few tasty game-related tidbits, including a "holiday 2015" launch window for a new Need for Speed. EA today confirmed that Need for Speed will launch on PS4, Xbox One… Go To Full Article

Apple Watch support is coming to IBM's enterprise apps

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
For the past year or so, Apple and IBM have collaborated on the MobileFirst for iOS project, a series of 22 enterprise-specific apps for iOS. These apps are designed to help service professionals better perform their duties but for some,… Go To Full Article

ASUS VivoWatch review

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
My wife often says I'm fat, but that's hardly a motivation for me to resume my exercise routine. Then the ASUS VivoWatch landed on my desk, so I had no choice but to get back on the treadmill for your… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte's Z97-HD3 motherboard reviewed

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
The market is awash with inexpensive Z97 motherboards, many of them less than $100. One such example is Gigabyte's entry-level Z97-HD3, the most affordable rung on the firm's Z97 ladder. With a $99.99 street price, the Z97-HD3 is $55 cheaper… Go To Full Article

Microsoft brings Clutter's inbox organization to Outlook.com

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
The folks in Redmond are hard at work putting the finishing touches on Windows 10, and in the process Microsoft is retooling individual apps, too. Today, the company announced that key productivity features in the Office 365 Outlook app would… Go To Full Article

Razer Introduces the Firefly Gaming Mousepad with Customizable Lighting FX

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Razer, a leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the release of the Razer Firefly, the first hard gaming mouse mat with Razer's Chroma lighting feature. The Chroma feature adds 16.8 million color options and numerous customizable… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Back to Dirty Tricks with GTX 900M Series Overclocking

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
NVIDIA's driver team is at it again. The company drew outrage from the PC enthusiast community, for developing drivers that prevent GPU overclocking on its GeForce GTX 900M series notebook GPUs, in February 2015, with the introduction of its GeForce… Go To Full Article

Google reportedly building an OS for the internet of things

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
The Information reports that Google is working on a new Android-based operating system to run specifically on the emerging class of low-power devices, aka the Internet of Things. This new OS, dubbed "Brillo", is supposedly quite petite and may requir... Go To Full Article

ADATA XPG Z1 2400 MHz DDR4 16GB Memory Kit Review

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
ADATA is one of the leading manufacturer of Memory and SSD products for desktop PCs. In this review we look at the new ADATA XPG Z1 2400 MHz DDR4 16GB Memory Kit. Go To Full Article

Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU Review

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Today we look at the latest release from Seasonic – the Snow Silent 750W power supply. Regular readers may remember we reviewed their higher cost 1050W model back in December last year. This unit is fully modular, has 80 Plus… Go To Full Article

Pro gaming doesn't need balls to be considered a 'sport'

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
The hockey game on the flat-screen behind the bar had served as a pleasant background visual as I ate dinner. But with my plate cleared, the action on-screen drew my full attention. I took a sip of beer as players… Go To Full Article

MSI First Motherboard Brand to be Windows 10 Certified

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
MSI, leading in motherboard design, is proud to announce being world's first motherboard manufacturer to receive official Microsoft Windows 10 WHQL certification. The H81M-P33 motherboard passed Microsoft Windows 10 official certification today. The H81M-P33 is the world's first motherboard to… Go To Full Article

Scythe releases Slip Stream 120 DB Fans with Dual Ball Bearing and long life span (PR

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
20.05.2015, Oststeinbek (Germany) – Japanese cooling expert Scythe expands the 120 mm case fan portfolio with the new Slip Stream 120 DB axial-fans. The new line up includes five regular models with fixed fan speed as well as one PWM-enabled… Go To Full Article

Propose to your beloved with this Bitcoin engagement ring

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Much like the idea that Santa Claus wears red, the notion that you should spend a fortune on a diamond engagement ring is the invention of advertisers. So, since the act is already about ostentatious displays of wealth, why not… Go To Full Article

Scientists say you’re on your own, suckers

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
A security expert at a leading American university has concluded that you’re on your own if you want to stay safe using the internet. Michigan State University faculty member Saleem Alhabash is a member of a team… Go To Full Article

Gyrocopter pilot who landed at US Capitol faces a decade behind bars

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
The government worker who accidentally landed a drone on White House grounds reportedly got off easy, but Douglas Hughes isn't so lucky -- he could be locked up for nine-and-a-half years. You might remember Hughes for flying a gyrocopter from… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Brix S Review at HardwareHeaven

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
"Small and powerful..." Go To Full Article

'Vidity' 4K movies you can download are coming later this year

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
At CES the long-brewing alliance to push Hollywood movies you can legally download, store and play across different devices finally surfaced, and now its system has a brand name: Vidity. As we learned in January, this is the doing of… Go To Full Article

Google Maps gets even more detailed traffic features

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Google has updated Maps with more specific traffic alerts just in time to help you dodge Memorial Day traffic nightmares. The app can already route you around closures and other problems using crowdsourced traffic data, but now it'll give you… Go To Full Article

Tech Source Releases Condor 4000 3U VPX Graphics Card for GPGPU Applications

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Tech Source, Inc., an independent supplier of high performance embedded video, graphics, and high end computing solutions, has released the Condor 4000 3U VPX form factor graphics/video card. Designed for compute-intensive General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) applications deployed in… Go To Full Article

Lenovo sold 60 million PCs in a year, but probably won't again

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
Lenovo's basement full of accountants has released the company's financial report for the last 12 months, and it's all smiles and dollar signs. After all, it increased the cash coming in through the front door, spent big to buy buy… Go To Full Article

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

@ 2015/05/22 read/post comments(0)
The MX Master is selling for $100, the same price that the MX Performance cost all those years ago. Given the price remains the same we think this is a good deal, as the MX Master works every bit as… Go To Full Article

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